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04:58:14 PM Dec 2nd 2010
edited by MoCellMan
Contents of discussion prior to name change:

Phasma Felis: Could somebody who knows add an explanation of what the trope name means?

Kain Lupus: It's in the ykttw archive, bruh. 's from Doctor Who, apparently

Kain Lupus: Just read The Uriah Gambit, can we get a quote at the top of the page to make it clear what the source is, like they do?

Kain Lupus: I removed the Oblivion example because there's no time delay involved. And no giving involved. He just sends you after a dangerous item, I don't see enough connection. I'm saying this here because Edit Reasons sometimes don't work for me (and not just me)
04:56:40 PM Dec 2nd 2010
edited by MoCellMan
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