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09:56:03 PM Apr 12th 2011
Why isn't there a more specific trope for an author who returns to a universe after a long absence, and takes things in a new and different direciton, therey greatly angering those fans who had been hoping for more of the same? As in Foundation, and Earthsea?

(Indiana Jones doesn't quality - it IS more of the same, just a slightly different flavour of pulp, and the new Star Wars trilogy is just ligther and fluffier but IS otherwise more of the same.)

Of course in a way that trope is Money Dear Boy. But I still think it's a distinct trope of its own, characterized by a pause of decades in which no new author-authored material is published, and then the author returns, except it's not the same author because people change, and this inevitably disappoints and offends fans. It's just random that my two good examples, as well as the two examples that I'm saying does not fit this trope of mine, happen to be trilogies.
01:57:14 PM Jun 10th 2010
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  • Star Wars simultaneously suffered from this and its opposite. Lucas' original concept was enormous and painfully convoluted; it was cut down repeatedly, and the movie we know started in the middle of the reduced storyline. A large number of ideas from the script were used elsewhere in the series — Cloud City, for example, was originally the capital of the Empire (named Alderaan). For some of the whole tangled story, see the scripts here.

This is both a mess and poorly worded nor is it properly explained why it fits here.
08:05:13 PM Sep 24th 2010
"This is just a saga now."
-Papa Lazarou, The League of Gentlemen
Four quotes is too many. I removed the above quote because the other ones explain the trope better.
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