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The description is weak: Takes way too long to say what the trope is. Also the quote is opaque. Very hard to understand quickly.
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Deleted this example because there are good arguments on both sides, but the discussion of whether it's a good example of not should not be on the main page. Sort it out here.

  • Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope has the Empire planning this with Princess Leia knowingly helping them.
    • Note that this isn't quite as stupid as it sounds - while the Empire learned where the Rebel base was, Leia also escaped the Death Star and brought with her the design schematics which were the Rebels' only hope of destroying it.
      • Many disagree, insisting, yes, it was as stupid as it sounds, since she could have at least tried to work out a way to getting the plans to the Rebel base without giving away the location. Especially since the attack would have totally failed with the main rebellion crushed except that they just happened to have a Jedi in training along and a smuggler who changed his mind at the last second to help.
        • Even if they had the entire Rebel Alliance Fleet and found a giant hole in the defenses, it would have been a make-or-break battle. Under that condition, luring your enemy to a position from which he can't retreat if you somehow gain the upper hand, when you have enough of a speed advantage to prepare for his arrival, and there's no innocent civilians in the line of fire should you fail, it doesn't come off to badly.