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12:39:03 PM Aug 8th 2013
This example was removed 8th Dec '12 5:51:24 PM by User MJC. Stating it was "Wild exaggeration at best."\\* In the African American Community, a black woman cutting off her long, so called good hair is considered a tragedy.


The reactions by various people are exaggerated, however, there is indeed a big issue when a black woman cuts her hair, even if it would benefit her lifestyle. And while natural hair is continuing its rise to popularity, people still have something to say about those who cut (or worse) shave their own head to achieve healthier hair.

People act as if the hair that was cut was apart of their body instead of hers.
03:33:17 PM May 1st 2013
Removed. Are leg hair presented here as symbol of beauty or something like that? ;-) If not, it's not an example of this trope.

  • Not a haircut per se, but the Latex Babes in Space Quest 4 strap Roger down and threaten to very painfully shave his legs.
    Thoreen: Allow me to introduce you to a friend of mine. This is the Epi-Rip 300, the most powerful hand hair remover in the galaxy, and it's capable of shaving your legs clean off!
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