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02:50:31 AM Mar 28th 2013
Does the Matrix example really count? The battle at Zion was important, because if Zion was destroyed before Neo defeated Smith and convinced the Machines to back down, humanity would be doomed to the same cycle as before. It's not really padding. If I don't find anyone arguing for it, I'll delete that example.
10:05:34 AM Aug 21st 2013
I'm with you on this one. The battle for Zion is critical. If Zion falls, it doesn't really matter if Neo defeats Smith because humanity will be wiped out. And it IS only a matter of time before the machines overwhelm them, which gives Neo's quest a sense of urgency.

Still an awful movie though.
09:53:26 PM Jul 24th 2012
Does anyone else think that the trope name is a bit misleading? I've never seen the show 24 before, so the title did no help to clear things up.
11:23:15 AM Sep 14th 2014
Yep. Me, for one.
11:04:02 AM Oct 7th 2010
edited by KnownUnknown
Ok, yeah, I'm removing the entire Star Wars example for now because it's likely not an example, because arguably none of the examples given were actually needless subplots:
  • 1) all of these scenes were important to the plot. They're not detractions from the plot, the main plot just splits up four ways. Just because they weren't the most major aspects of the plan, or, in the case of the Padme subplot, just because they eventually were in vain, doesn't make them baseless diversions.
  • 2) From what I can tell, this trope is not the same as padding.
  • 3) The podracing scene is an important part of the main plot, because, y'know, it got them off Tatooine.
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