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05:55:36 PM Jul 11th 2012
edited by Jacob175
If anyone's interested, I have a fanfic recommendation I'd like to make for this game. It's called "Love from Beyond" and it's a short story on DA written by a guy of the name TraceMem (no, that's not a coincidence; the man is a self-admitted fanboy of the protagonist). It's a little story that takes place after the first game in which Ashley meets someone she never thought she would. It's short and sweet without falling into glurge territory and was well-received. Not enough tropes to warrant its own page, though. Anywho, I'll just leave a link to it here in case you wanna see it.

By the way, when we move this page, would it be filed under "Video Game" or "Visual Novel"? I'm leaning toward video game due to it being on platforms.
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