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02:02:47 AM Apr 29th 2013
Character page:

Making a character page would be a bit of an overkill if it was for every rider, even if it's only one edition (since a typical peloton would be of 198 riders divided over 22 teams). I suggest that the page will be made with characters being teams and captains for this years edition. (Captains being the rider with the lowest number for his team, except cases where teams have two captains, like Astana with Fuglsang and Brajkovic).
02:19:38 PM Oct 21st 2012
Lance Armstrong and the case against him.

I've seen some edits, and well knowing that it's - very - good faith edits, I've reverted them back to the original state - mentioning the ongoing case against him (verdict hopefully tomorrow, even though anyone cycling savvy would know that UCI/WADA cases can take years - just ask Alberto Contador), rather than him having his titles stripped. I claim Word Of God on this one (more accurate: Official website of the race, letour.fr). I hope there will be a verdict tomorrow, and if someone doesn't beat me to it, I'll be editing it according to the verdict.
05:54:02 AM Oct 22nd 2012
aand now that Armstrong is wiped from the record, the page has been edited.
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