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09:21:06 AM May 19th 2011
Not to nitpick, but isn't every episode of every show technically dedicated to one or more fetishes, if only because everything is someone's fetish?
04:16:25 PM Apr 22nd 2013
Agreed. I vote that the section should be eliminated as it is not a characteristic applicable to just this show. Including it on the page would not be meaningful.
05:12:19 AM Feb 24th 2011
Would "The Glasses Come Off" and "Beware the Nice Ones" apply to "Super Nerd Much?" Arnold the Nerd gets the Cat's Eye Emerald Ring by accident, and when he first shows "cool" he takes off his glasses before dodging, then catching and returning, a dodgeball. But once he zaps Mandy and Clover, we find he's going after those who were mean to him. Then he's got the cool car, penthouse and airship needed to drain all the cool out of Beverly Hills. Does make you wonder if the ring offered Arnold what he wanted most and the means to get it, so would that be a "genie wish-fulfillment" ring or something like that?
03:29:49 AM Jun 10th 2010
k, making mandy a good girl and turning the spies into lesbians is more feasible than it is to make a villain good?

what is ur deal? O_o
05:20:14 PM May 10th 2010
Hey, question time: what is Alex's full name? Is it short for Alexis, or Alexandra?

For some reason, I think it's the former. Dunno where I heard it, or if it's from the series itself.
11:39:44 AM Jun 10th 2010
Alexandra I think :)
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