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10:53:45 PM Apr 27th 2011
edited by DonaldthePotholer
Jay Lim's refusal to take advice from instructors strikes me as a Family-Unfriendly Aesop: From what I can tell, each team only has a half-hour of time with the weapon of the day before the challenge, all of it with the instructor. Minute corrections are one thing, but half of an hour is not enough time to learn an entirely new (to you) style, no matter how good an instructor is. (And if it is, then the instructor had nothing to do with it.)

True, Jay did a whole bunch of other stuff to make him despised, (Wanting the sights on a team gun to be zeroed just for him? Really?) but this aspect strikes me as a simple case of pragmatism: "Go with the one that brung ya." The fact that he was able to survive some elimination challenges against opponents that practiced the more standardized styles for the respective weapon is evidence that there was something to Jay's argument.

"If my shot was luck, what was everybody else's?"

It is notable that when Jay was eliminated, it was with a weapon type that he had no experience with, and in this instance, he listened to his instructor wholeheartedly. (Granted, the previous episode did show him considering his instructor's advice.)

EDIT: That definitely qualifies him as an Insufferable Genius, and possibly Too Clever by Half.
11:15:58 AM Apr 28th 2011
I would agree. I also take contention with him being an Elimination Houdini for the fans. I actually liked Jay, and I doubt I'm the only one.
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