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05:53:31 PM Oct 31st 2013
What's the difference between this trope and Heel-Face turn? I think it's redundant.
05:59:34 PM Oct 31st 2013
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A villain who Took a Level in Kindness can still be villainous (going from, say, Axe-Crazy to Affably Evil or Noble Demon), and a Good Is Not Nice good guy character who Took a Level in Kindness and stop being a jackass while already being a good guy.

The position as villain/hero can remain the same.
03:51:02 PM Mar 21st 2013
edited by captainmarkle
Can this trope be in play and avert Badass Decay? I think it can but probably can't think of any amazing examples apart from Spike in Angel (not Buffy, that's where he was once the former Trope Namer for Badass Decay).
09:32:39 PM Mar 22nd 2013
The two tropes are not related. E.g. you can gain a level in kindness and badass by kicking evil butt to save a puppy when you used to be evil.
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