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02:21:45 PM Jul 19th 2016
Note that this is up for discussion in the Appearance Trope Cleanup Thread:
10:57:19 PM Jun 27th 2016
Doesn't "sidetail hair" refer to a kind of ponytail that's tied to either the left or right side of the head?
12:32:33 PM Jun 29th 2016
edited by Larkmarn
Generally, yeah.

In fact, that's exactly what I thought this was.

I think the term for this would be "Sidelocks."
10:30:05 AM Jun 26th 2014
For the picture may I suggest a panel from Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life? It's the one where Scott is pointing his index fingers out from his temples to show this hairstyle and saying "Okay, this might sound vague, but do you know this one girl with hair like this?"

I think it is far more amusing then the current picture plus it gets at how difficult it is to describe the hairstyle.

If you're not familiar with it google 'scott pilgrim hair like this' and it should be one of the first images (it's different from the scene in the film.)
12:06:58 PM Jun 26th 2014
If you want to make a page image suggestion, then you should go the Image Pickin' forum here and make a thread.

For the record, I think the current page image is illustrative enough for our purposes.
02:05:04 PM Jul 21st 2012
Is it still "Tomboyish Sidetails" If the character has long hair but keeps her hair so that her face is framed by these Tombyish Sidetails? For instance if the character has long wave "girlish pigtails" but but also keeps her hair with the "tomboyish sidetails" — can this trope still be used on that type of character?
07:57:32 AM Jan 26th 2012
edited by ccoa
A whole bunch of the examples on this page are Zero Context Examples or extremely close to that. Besides being against wiki policy, that's a good way to get trope decay. In order to keep this from being a page where every single instance of this hairstyle is added, I highly recommend that a short blurb be added to each example explaining how they fit the character type.
12:23:18 PM Apr 13th 2012
Okay, since no one wants to reply, pulling them to discussion.

06:04:27 AM Sep 11th 2011
reply: Looks a lot like a cuter variation of Go Nagai Sideburns.

reply: Except it's for girls... I'm pretty sure I've Seen It a Million Times but I can't remember in which mangas exactly...

reply: I've seen this on guys in anime, too - the male protagonist of the anime Weiß Kreuz has exactly this hairstyle prior to the second-series redesign.

reply: Don't think I can take that as an example unless he is kinda effeminate which would make it an inversion.

reply: You know, with all these "hairstyle associated with a personality type" YKTTWs coming up lately, I think we should just make a Personality Hairstyles / Hairstyle Equals Personality Super Trope first, and then determine which hairstyles deserve a Sub-Trope of their own.

reply: I see, but how will people know if the hairstyle tells them something about the character's personality without a spesific trope? Will Personality Hairstyles have examples?

reply: Marq, I think that's a good idea. We've already built up enough of these tropes to justify it, what with Hime Cut, Hair Antennae, Girlish Pigtails, Tomboyish Ponytail, Braids of Action, and Delinquent Hair

reply: Lain has one (Serial Experiments Lain)

reply: Expository Hairstyle for the super-trope title? Because we already have Expository Hairstyle Change.

@LordLaharlsVassal: Well, we can do it like with Gratuitous Foreign Language: The first section lists all the existing subtropes, while the second lists whatever expository hairstyles we can brainstorm here plus examples. Anyone will be free to add more hairstyles (providing examples, of course) without needing a YKTTW and when a list grows too long, we split it off.

reply: Ok, that sounds like a good idea.

reply: "I see, but how will people know if the hairstyle tells them something about the character's personality without a spesific trope?"

The idea is that the article will follow Hair Colors In Japan's example: Briefly describing the usual personality types associated with more commonly known/prominent hairstyles, and leaving the details for the actual Sub-Trope(s) covering those hairstyle-personality combinations.

On related note, I propose that we either combine all the ponytail tropes into one single trope, or make a single Super Trope about the cultural associations of ponytails, and then decided which of the existing tropes are distinct enough to remain and cut the rest.

reply: How many ponytail tropes are there really?

reply: ^ AFAIK two: Slipknot Ponytail and Tomboyish Ponytail.

Another idea for the overall expository hair article would be the direction of curling hair: shoulder-length hair that curl inwards usually indicate introverted characters, while curling outwards means an extravert. Don't have any solid examples at the moment, though...

reply: bump

reply: I too like the index idea with Expository Hairstyles as a title.

reply: I was thinking about the index / supertrope idea and thinking we can also combine Hime Cut, Princess Curls, etc. and format it like You Would Not Want to Live in Dex.

anime and manga:

reply: An example has to be somewhat boyish or else the sidetails has no meaning.

Is there someone who want to take up the Expository Hairstyles idea?

reply: ^An example has to be somewhat boyish or else the sidetails has no meaning. Rico is one of only two non - adult female characters in a series with Loads and Loads of Characters who only wear male clothing except when her work requires it. The other is Triela, who has long hair tied by ribbons (rather than cut) into two side tails. She's also a Career Killer and something of a Satisfied Street Rat at the tender age of 14.

Is there someone who want to take up the Expository Hairstyles idea? I would be happy to.

reply: oh okey, I just read about her on the Characters page and it says "Rico's personality is well away from that of a tomboy", but you have probably seen the show so you would know better then me, I will add her.

reply: Yeah, she's an odd example. Lain is another example of being neither a tomboy or a girly girl, but more just unique.

reply: Okey, I have not seen Serial Experiments Lain, but I have heard Lain gets pretty involved with computers in the show and as we all know There Are No Girls on the Internet so being intereted in that kind of stuff is still considered to be boyish.

reply: See here for Expository Hairstyles. I'll need lots of help.

reply: End of markup
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