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08:11:19 AM Feb 8th 2015
How is So Beautiful, It's a Curse suppose to make one feminine? I mean it would make the supposed rival character appear ugly on the outside.
01:58:37 PM Jul 7th 2014
Regarding an Avatar: The Last Airbender example:

Could someone kindly explain the logic behind listing Mai as a tomboy and Azula as an "in-betweener" when Azula is more traditionally masculine than Mai in virtually every way (behavior, interests/hobbies, manner of dress)? As a young girl, Azula studied military history, took an instant shine to physical aggression, and burnt dolls. Pretty much a quintessential tomboy by that description, and she really doesn't deviate from that as a teenager, just more mature in expression as to be expected. Mai, on the other hand, ewwws over animal waste and getting dirty; she's a bit of a priss. Cracking a crude joke every now and again doesn't make her more of a tomboy than Azula, if that's what the original troper was going for.
11:57:16 AM Jun 25th 2013
Not sure about Gwen and MJ - it just strikes me there's something weird about saying a professional fashion model is the tomboy.

When Gwen and MJ were being played as opposites, neither seemed less "girly"; Gwen was the girl-next-door and MJ was a party girl, but neither of those are tomboyish traits. Betty and Veronica, but not Tomboy and Girly Girl.
08:47:06 AM Aug 27th 2013
We're talking about the two of them when Gwen was alive. MJ wasn't a professional fashion model back then.
07:17:28 AM Jan 15th 2013
Simoun examples, re:Rodore and Mamiina. Could you explain who is the Tomboy and who is the Girly Girl? They seem equally girly to me.
06:30:21 AM Sep 2nd 2012
Although I prefer the classic galactica over the new, I will vouch for Kara as the tomboy. I for one can't see the classic's Athena as a tomboy anymore than I see her as some Spoiled Brat. A small point, but sometimes, a Military Brat is STILL a Brat.
01:22:41 PM Jul 20th 2012
I don't see how Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn fit this trope. While Poison Ivy is obviously the girly girl I don't see how Harley Quinn is the tomboy-she's too girly. *
08:46:34 AM Aug 27th 2013
I would have to agree, there is insufficient explanation behind it.
09:19:27 PM Jul 15th 2012
I wouldn't say the page picture is a good one. As someone who has never seen that particular anime, I must say it took me longer than it should have to determine which girl is which. I mean, all I see at first glance is a girl in a school uniform and another girl pointing at the camera. The only way to tell them apart without watching the show is their respective postures, with the girl on our left being a straight-shouldered Yamato Nadeshiko and the girl on our right wearing a shirt that might be an athletic jersey.

In fact, there are multiple ways the girls could be crossed. 1) Yamato Nadeshiko is a Japanese standard for femininity, but by no means a universal one. She might be seen as stoic, a more masculine trait. 2) The girl on the right's small smile might be seen as flirtatious, a more feminine trait. 3) By pointing at the camera, the girl on the right might just be an extrovert, which is, again, feminine in some cultures. 3) The "tomboy" has Girlish Pigtails.

Yeah, this only comes down to each culture's opinions of femininity and masculinity, but I think we should go for a more obvious trope pic. I mean, page pics are supposed to be immediately to the point, right?
12:03:25 AM Jul 16th 2012
Image changes go through the Image Pickin' forum. As it is, there isn't as much contrast as there could be but I think it does illustrate — I've never seen that work, and I can tell them apart by one being dressed in a loose shirt (presumably a sports uniform), having her hair tied up (coupled with the uniform, I associate that with keeping it out of the way when being active), and the other wearing an immaculate school uniform and standing in a reserved/quiet/careful/Ican'tthinkoftheword way. A suggestion with more contrast would be welcome, though.
07:30:13 PM Dec 2nd 2011
Is it just me, or is the greater part of this article seeming to imply that Tomboy and Girly Girl automatically equals "centered around romance in some way". "Miss Romantic" and "Miss Independent" aren't always interchangeable with this duo. In fact, the girly girl could possibly be a Light Feminine, and not have any romantic bearings per se, but still be considered "girly".
12:36:00 PM Mar 4th 2012
EDIT: Alternatively, you can have the tomboy be the romantic one, but as Tropes Are Flexible, this can be made in a way that coincides with boyishness (for instance, a Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy dynamic, or perhaps a Butch Lesbian for a Girls Love genre). Since what counts as "girly" and "not-girly" is sometimes based on cultural aspects, it's quite possible for Miss Romance to be the Tomboy and Miss Independent the Lipstick Feminist Girly Girl.
11:52:36 AM Oct 12th 2011
The only film in the Star Wars saga that featured both Leia and Padme was episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and in that movie, Leia was hardly old enough to handle a gun (She was portrayed as a newborn then). Maybe in the he saga trope itself, the thing will work.
01:08:35 PM Sep 27th 2011
In image picking a large number of people said they were willing to change the image if there was an AMAZING one to use. I want to know what would make an image amazing. I thought the image links Nana one was great.
01:53:52 PM Sep 6th 2011
Is sort of lost on how Velma (from Scooby Doo) is a tomboy. There's nothing about her that screams tomboy to me. Then again, I do feel that if there two girls in the cast, people will try to make one the tomboy and the other a girly girl though both (or even one of them) just may be mixture of tomboy and girly girl.
03:01:29 AM Jun 19th 2011
Uh. I got a PM about this, so I'll just explain one of my edits here:

  • Why I removed Kimiko and Katnappe:
    • Both girls have shown a deep interest in shopping and clothing, they're both smug and snarky, and they're both martial artists. They've never been portrayed as polar opposites, just enemies.
12:29:36 PM Jun 3rd 2011
Could I add a "playing with" section?

Tomboy and Girly Girl
11:32:26 AM May 21st 2011
I really don't think Clare and Emma are tomboys, Emma herself started out as a Distressed Damsel (I saw the two-part pilot).
04:13:41 AM Oct 12th 2010
edited by TheNotDoorman
I don't see Lily very much a tomboy, heck, she acts like a GIRLY-GIRL as Lola.
03:45:00 AM Nov 10th 2010
edited by
I agree. In fact, there are plenty of girly traits for Lily that Miley doesn't have: Lily = Cheerleader, Miley = Mascot. Lily = Dumb Blonde, Miley = Brainy Brunette. Matter of Fact, Miley was seen putting on some horrifyingly unfeminine accessories (beards, goatees, heavy armpit hair) while Lily dressed up as a man only once (Guess which of the two was wearing perfume at the time).
01:02:27 PM Feb 12th 2011
It's the same problem as Alex and Harper. They're both pretty tomboyish. They both occasionally take the girly-girl role. but not too much.

Now, Hannah and Lola might work, since Lola is so girly. Heck, Lola and Lily would work, as it seems Lily is deliberately acting ultra girly as Lola.
01:43:46 AM Mar 3rd 2011
The entire Hannah Montana episode "You Are So Sue-able To Me" is built around this trope. It's very clear that Lilly was originally envisioned as the sporty, tomboy type compared to Miley. Miley literally tells Lilly to "act like a girl" in the episode twice. You can't get much more obvious than that.
10:51:42 AM Apr 13th 2011
edited by GirlwithAPlot
I agree with most of's points, but I'm just wondering why you mentioned the fact that Lily's a Dumb Blonde and Miley's a Brainy Brunette. Before I sound like I want to chew you out for insinuating that to be dumb is to be girly, I just want to say that it doesn't seem like that has much anything to do with girliness. Then again, the way it's executed on the show might justify that.

For another thing, am I the only one who seems to think that 'Lily' sounds like more of a girly name than 'Miley'? I think it may count as a Subversion, where it starts out looking like Lily is the Tomboy, but it turns out she's really the Girly Girl.
01:23:10 AM Oct 6th 2012
The thing is, Lily and Miley tend to 'zigzag' between being girly girl and tomboy.

When the series first started, Lily was notably a tomboy and practically one of the guys. She was a skater and acted pretty tomboyish. However, as the series went on you could say Lily became a bit more feminine however.

The names shouldn't matter as both names are pretty feminine considering they are girls.
03:13:08 AM Sep 20th 2010
Alex and Harper? Really? I can't even figure out who's supposed to be the tomboy. I'm very tempted to remove it. can anyone give me a reason not to remove it?
03:17:07 AM Sep 20th 2010
Also Tori and Trina Vega? I suppose Tori is less of a girly girl, but she's hardly a tomboy.
01:21:06 PM Feb 11th 2011
edited by atheywa
Maybe Alex's mischief can make her considered a tomboy but Tori is a performer. Acting, singing and dancing are far from boyish. Any starlet should be removed from the list as a girly girl, as well as any Girl Next Door who has no masculine qualities.
12:59:32 PM Feb 12th 2011
The problem is that both Alex and Harper are pretty much tomboys, but in different ways.
09:38:48 AM Feb 14th 2011
edited by atheywa
@Big T You might be right about that, it which case it will have to be edited. Can you give me at least one example of how Harper is a tomboy?
11:57:51 AM Feb 25th 2011
edited by atheywa
never mind
01:20:29 AM Oct 6th 2012
Alex and Harper are zig-zagged and downplayed examples.

While they both have the same interests in some things, Alex is noticeably more 'reckless' (as masculine trait) than Harper. So the two zigzag between who is the girly girl and who is the tomboy.
09:12:26 AM Jun 28th 2010
edited by DaibhidC
I'm not sure about Peppermint Patty and Marcie as the Trope Codifier; neither of them are especially "girly". Marcie doesn't like sports, but her contrast with Patty is more to do with being the Smart Girl than the Girly Girl.
12:32:05 PM Jun 26th 2010
What does being a Virgo have to do with anything?
04:44:41 PM Apr 8th 2010
What about those Sketchers girls, huh?
07:09:26 AM Apr 2nd 2010
edited by Simpsonite
Has Combattler V, and Volts V, ever starred in the same Super Robot Wars game? Apperantly, the former's chick was a girly girl, while the latter's chick was a tomboy.
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