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07:37:11 AM Jan 25th 2014
Custom Titles are not supposed to be used to rename tropes. Currently displaying TogetherUmbrella as "Umbrella of Togetherness"; this should really go through TRS. Was there any discussion about it at all?
08:02:24 AM Jan 25th 2014
Can't see any.
03:14:17 PM Sep 23rd 2010
edited by GracieLizzie
double post
03:14:16 PM Sep 23rd 2010
edited by GracieLizzie
Gracie Lizzy: Um, where half the page description gone? You know how it talked about how this is very prevalent in Japan - called aiaigasa due to it being based on a practise from Japan? Why has this been culled? The page gave much more informative background. Especially as when I wrote it, I was pointing out though it appears in western media this is a big time anime trope?
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