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11:48:29 AM Oct 6th 2016
edited by Mouren
There seems to be two tropes here IMO, one about attempting to use the gun as a weapon in desperation after it's empty (ala "Throwing your sword always works") and one where the gun is discarded to allow a faster reload (Literal "throw away guns"). Is it worth seperating them?
11:51:40 AM Oct 6th 2016
I'd say yes.

One makes a character come off as desperate, the other makes the character come off as cool and so in control he doesn't have to care about reloading. That's wildly different in terms of storytelling.
02:05:10 PM Jan 12th 2016
This is a really complainy description for a trope that is almost certainly employed for Rule of Cool and/or resorting to lazy cliché rather than anyone really thinking "this would be an intelligent course of action for Character X at this point"...
12:22:26 AM Jan 14th 2012
Probably the stupid question of the week, but why would they shut down a whole military base if someone lost their weapon?
09:13:26 AM Jan 20th 2012
Perhaps somebody might be able to track the gun to its owner, and thus figure out where the base is.
05:49:50 PM Jul 17th 2011
Description of the topic looks heavily biased. Sure, throwing away guns is not always the brightest idea, to say the least, but mey be a viable strategy.Different guns use different ammunition and magazine-fed weapons sharing that share the ammo type usually use magazines that are not intechangeable.

Yes, guns can be expensive but they are also bulky, so sticking multiple guns into someone's pockets or pants is very bad idea, especially in the intense figefight where any mobility hindrance may prove fatal. Same for jams, as clearing anything more complex than stovepiped shell requires time and attention - twó thing that people involved in firefight usually don't have. Also dont forget that meny people using guns usually have neither knowledge nor training and may get stumped in the case of very simple malfunction.

This things said, it is rather obvious that if someone is not a Determinator or is not surrounded, then the best strategy one can take after running out of ammo is to flee like hell.
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