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12:02:20 PM Jul 19th 2015
I wouldn't really add babies being born with a full head of hair to examples of this trope. Plenty of real life babies ARE born with full heads of hair, including me.
01:14:55 PM Jan 3rd 2013
edited by Candi
  • "Inversion: In a Heroes flashback in season one, an eighteen-month-old Claire (an age when children are often walking and might even have a word or two in their vocabularies) was played by an eight-month-old baby.

    • "Could be justified, if Noah Bennett lied about her age to obscure the fact that Claire was obtained by theft, not private adoption."

Nnnnnnnnnnnnope. That's a ten-month difference. Babies change A LOT in ten months. You can get away with two or three months with an older tot (maybe), but NOT ten.

"Moses in The Bible. Tradition says that his mother gave birth at 24 weeks, he was fully formed, and she nursed him for 3 months until she had to put him in the basket in the Nile on his expected DOB."

The Bible itself agrees with the 3-month nursing, but doesn't state how far along in the pregnancy Moses was born. The stated reason for putting him in the basket was because he was getting older and noisy, and it was harder to hide him.
01:34:46 PM Jan 3rd 2013
Pulled the "Could be justified" line and the Biblical entry.
09:08:29 AM Aug 23rd 2012
We could probably list a ton of hospital shows where this is averted, namely when one of the main cast specializes in that field. Gray's Anatomy and Private Practice come to mind, namely because of Addison Shepherd (Kate Walsh) on both shows. It is also possible that it is played straight on some of these as well.
04:56:36 AM Mar 1st 2012
There must be a similar trope in which babies aren't shown directly after the birth seuquence, but some time later, in thwich the smae principle applies, that the baby is aged up as well. One glaring example would be the witches of Eastwick: Nine months after the story, as a sort of an epilogue. the exact starting point of the story may vary, but it is quite clear that no newborn looks like that.
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