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06:52:03 AM Aug 11th 2012
edited by manhandled
Hey, I think I spotted natter in the Real Life area!
12:03:19 AM Jul 12th 2012
Seriously, what's with the rename? I'm getting sick of people renaming these tropes with boring names that suck the quirky personality out of the wiki. Is total clarity and accuracy of a trope name really more important than making TV Tropes fun to read?
01:11:53 AM Jul 12th 2012
^Clarity yes, accuracy no. And there are plenty of people who don't find unclear names fun.

And most importantly, Take It to the Forums!
11:23:40 AM Jul 13th 2012
No, I won't, they wouldn't listen to me. You just witnessed my outraged emotional reaction after just finding out.
12:13:29 PM Jul 13th 2012
You'll get more readers on the forums than here. Discussion pages usually move slowly and many entries never get replies. I only know about this because I check everything on the recent dicussion list.
05:25:17 PM Jul 16th 2012
02:44:18 AM Jul 17th 2012
However, Everything's Worse with Snowclones. More importantly, as Septimus said, this should be a forum discussion.
01:01:18 PM Sep 27th 2012
It'll always be Everything's Even Worse with Sharks to me. *sigh*
09:35:44 AM Oct 14th 2012
The current title is absolutely pathetic. I'm not sure how the last one was the least bit inappropriate or confusing, but there must be something better then 'threatening shark', one very small step from just naming the article 'shark'
11:13:39 AM Oct 17th 2012
So, apparently we can ask for another rename in the TRS forum...after a buttload of other TRS threads are resolved.

Meaning that if I want to suggest a rename there, I very well may not be able to do so until 2013.

This is why, when somebody like Septimus says Take It to the Forums, they might as well be telling you to shut up entirely. Because right now on the forums, you can't post about it.
01:44:13 PM Oct 17th 2012
The TRS thread cap has been reduced because people were starting too many new threads without finishing old ones. If you want a rename here, do some grunt work on Green-Eyed Redhead and Badass Spaniard first.
05:15:30 PM Oct 17th 2012
"Grunt work" being defined as what? I thought it was just a question of voting in the crowners during the allotted time, and posting suggestions.
02:30:19 PM Dec 14th 2012
edited by Nuxx
Glad I wasn't the only one who thought this rename was a bit bland. I mean obvious alliterative titles like "Sinister Shark" spring to mind in seconds and yet are still nowhere near as bland as Threatening Shark.

I get trying to lose the snowclone trope titles like when they changed Everything's Worse with Bears to Bears Are Bad News (great rename BTW) but this is just lazy. I'm glad the same person didn't rename that trope, we might have gotten "Aggressive Bear" instead.
04:14:04 PM Jan 21st 2013
well, WHO did the rename itself?

p.s grrrrrrrrr...
11:32:58 PM Jan 21st 2013
Kilgore Trout: Grunt work is things like checking all examples on a page, going through a section of wicks to change them, etc.. It's the thing that slows down TRS the most.

Nuxx: Yeah, it is bland..

Manhandled: Renames are a collaborative effort because of all the grunt work often involved and because consensus is needed, so no single person is responsible. I don't know where to find the specific forum topic about this one.
05:56:12 PM Apr 2nd 2013
edited by VoidSpace
I enjoyed the snowclones :( Everything may be worse with Snowclones, but dear God at least everything still had better titles... I mean even the Bears Are Bad News thing doesn't really click for me...still though, "Threatening Shark"...that title just managed to suck my soul away and make me go into a corner.

07:38:53 AM Dec 27th 2013
This terrible name has been in place for over a year now? What is going on?
12:58:11 PM Dec 27th 2013
One year and counting. Like other people said, snowclones don't make anything more clever or smarter. Quite the opposite, in fact.
01:33:16 PM Dec 27th 2013
Guys, complaining about this on the discussion page does nothing.
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