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07:09:11 AM Aug 31st 2011
It's a shame too, this used to be my favorite thing about TV Tropes..
10:46:50 PM Nov 29th 2011
It was never allowed in the first place. I understand the appeal (I like reading conversations), but TV Tropes is still here to inform, not to bicker, so it ultimately bogs the site down. :(
07:57:37 AM Apr 14th 2012
I was about to say "On the other hand...", but I realized what I was about to do in time. Although I agree with the OP.
09:40:58 PM Oct 12th 2015
I dislike "This does not provide a fun reading experience at all." The self-demonstrating version with is a much more interesting read than just stating the facts and actually includes more information. I understand about the arguments, but don't cast a blanket statement on all dialogue.
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