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07:25:27 AM Apr 26th 2014
As I've just noted in Beam Me Up, Scotty!, the actual voiceover was, "This is drugs... this is your brain on drugs." The object lesson was the skillet, not the egg. How should this be corrected?
06:23:51 PM Feb 19th 2014
THERE IS NO YMMV PAGE AND NO EXAMPLES THAT I CAN SEE. Caps means that I am yelling out in frustration at this fact.
08:12:06 AM Sep 25th 2010
I'm sure there's a very good reason for putting all the examples on the Troper Tales page. However, I'd be lying if I said I had half a shadow of an outline of a fraction of an idea what it could possibly be.
03:10:54 AM Aug 31st 2011
And now Troper Tales are gone. What about recreating the examples? o.O
06:42:11 PM Oct 2nd 2011
Wow, it's not even on the external Troper Tales wiki. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty damn depressed right now. :(
05:02:44 PM Nov 25th 2011
This trope is already YMMV, couldn't we just make the page Just for Fun and have the old and new examples on the main page?
07:17:07 PM Jan 20th 2012
Seriously, even if we're trying to cut down on gratuitous examples, this trope topic isn't nearly as fun without all the hilarious examples... Just for Fun would be perfect for this.
01:36:04 PM Oct 22nd 2012
Why don't we start a repair shop right now?
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