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01:28:11 AM May 21st 2016
What about csgo's nuke level where the counter terrorist will sometimes say "this is real life" before the match start
12:35:13 AM Aug 14th 2013
I laughed hard at the Real Life folder and the "not to be confused with" line in the description. That is all.
01:25:10 AM Jul 19th 2012
Does it count if the characters get the media wrong? for example a book character saying they aren't part of a movie.
01:14:16 AM Jul 9th 2012
I feel like commenting one

"Played straight in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, where Padme tells Anakin that "we live in the real world; come back to it." Which is smashed to bits by her following line: "You're studying to become a Jedi Knight, I'm a senator." "

This would be a perfect manifestation of this trope if what Padme said of herself was equally as Fantastical as being a Jedi. But the real world has 100 senators, And That's Terrible
09:33:01 PM Jan 14th 2011
Perhaps a decent alternate name for this would be "Building The Fourth Wall" in keeping with the other "... the fourth wall" tropes
04:31:33 PM Jul 6th 2011
Question... how long do Tropers think until this become a Death trope?.

I mean, our culture is pretty much only about meta examples and "Deconstruction" of the worlds and ideas, continually implying how "realistic" and "well thought" it is; characters continually lampshade their setting, their tropes, the ideas and how "reality works".

How far until all our morals, our works of art and our fictional output had distilled the entire Fictional parts of the work to its breakign point?.

Meaning, how far until you can't simply say "This is reality" with a straight face, where characters stop doing this Fourth Breaking Walls monologues/take that because is not witty or the work is so distilled that one can't even understand the reference.

Also, should this page exist? Its only, well, shouldn't be this included in Lampshade Hanging and Painting the Fourth Wall, because that is the only thing they are doing, if a little more cynical/"mature" in the context.
07:22:04 PM Jul 6th 2011
The page is different from lampshade hanging in that a trope normally used in the medium is almost invoked, but is dismissed for being something that would happen in fiction. This itself can be lampshaded, but that's because the characters are actually in a work of fiction. It's not exactly painting the fourth wall either, that would be characters being aware the conventions of the medium instead of ignoring them as if there were a solid fourth wall.

I'm taking "death trope" to mean Dead Horse Trope, or rather Discredited Trope. While culture is trending toward realism in fiction, there are still plenty of new works being churned out that use and play with the current tropes. Really, I think they're going to be using them for quite some time. So long as something is in the minds of the audience, the trope will endure. It may eventually lose strength, but tropes evolve and whatnot.

So, quite awhile and I think so.

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