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03:21:17 AM Aug 12th 2014
I've noticed a bit of an issue with the current image. Yes, the image makes perfect sence if you know that character from Breaking Bad, but if you don't, this image doesn't work. Could there at least be some form of subtitle or something in it? Something that emphasises the trope itself?
03:30:28 AM Aug 12th 2014
That image is also poorly formatted. It's just a quote with an image over it. Feel free to throw it into Image Picking.
05:50:02 AM Jun 20th 2013
I liked the old quote better. Shouldn't it at least be in the quotes section of the page?
12:51:32 PM Dec 8th 2012
I'd like to know... is this only about the word "bitch", or could some other expletive tacked on to the end of a word count, like "motherfucker"?
05:20:06 PM Aug 29th 2012
I'm of the opinion that This Is For Emphasis, Bitch! actually subtracted from the humor of Adam Sandler's line in Happy Gilmore when he gets into a fight with Bob Barker, knocks him out almost cold to the ground, and says, "The price is wrong, bitch!" The televised version arguably is more funny with "The price is wrong, Bobby!"