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02:35:31 AM Dec 16th 2010
I don't think the claim of "truth in television" in the tropes description (not in the examples) is correct. Early biology science was never: "Sadly, there is some Truth In Television here (there is a long and dark history of human subject research and the early days of biological science can best be summed up with "let's see how many needles we can stick in this dog before it stops making noises out of its mouth!"

Also, there seem to be no mention of all the negatives of dissection. Only that it might not be necessary with modern science... its not that it will not be necessary, but that it will be downright moronic. Looking at something (MRI, sonogram, etc) while it works is much more effective then cutting it apart and trying to figure it out (ex: the best dissection of the brain revealed it to be an entirely homogeneous gray blob. While MRI revealed the various structures and operations of the brain). It doesn't address that dissecting an alien you lose out on the ability to learn its language, its knowledge of science, its knowledge about its home culture, etc. It doesn't address that if you wanted to test out bio-weapons on them, they need to be alive, and so on and so forth.
06:47:32 PM Jun 22nd 2011
More to the point since aliens from outer space are obviously far more technologically advanced than us it would be INSANE to do something like that. Would YOUR first response to someone who could probably wipe out the planet is to do something that would think would tic them off? The government does stupid things at times but I doubt it would do something so obviously potentially suicidal. Most likely we would observe, ready our defenses just in case and hope we don't do something accidentally to provoke them. I think with the stakes so high we would be VERY, VERY careful on how we would handle a first contact.
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