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07:19:12 PM Jul 11th 2010
Re Cut:

It is a pity this is so wrestling-specific at the moment. The theatrics of pain are present whenever someone is trying to present pain theatrically, in all the performing and recording arts — in plays, in films, in radio, in television, and sometimes in music. Even videogames these days.

If we could write about this intelligently, about what the theatrics of pain are, then maybe this could be salvageable.

BTW, Dull Surprise is the true opposite of this. No-Sell is when no pain is depicted because no pain is supposed to exist. Dull Surprise (as far as I recall) covers any emotion that is supposed to be there but fails to be depicted.
10:44:44 AM Jul 12th 2010
For some reason I just the feeling I should be memeing right about now. Hmm, the feeling has passed.

Being wrestling specific is understandable because it is ad-libbed to a degree. Being written as a trope with examples is less understandable because those two make no sense beneath this page. Really just bizarre. You'd think it would at least be talking about specific techniques or specific performers.

The page covers something that is not really a trope but is still appliable to the main namespace. How it will actually end up depends on the item. Thus I will not cut it.

How it will be worked upon will be up to everybody but I suggest simply replacing the word wrestling with combat choreography a few times, adding paragraphs that go into particular media (so talk about the issues with film, then with wrestling and so on), then talk about particular techniques then talk about trends- I notice a lot of 80's action fights were long ones full of guys constantly bludgeoning the shit out of each other with little Theatrics of Pain that is unless it was time for the hero to show off how badass he was by beating up some punk muggers or something.
12:16:29 PM Jul 12th 2010
The trope has been generalized. I am gonna file it accordingly.
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