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02:52:23 AM Sep 20th 2013
Removed the part about the Serbs getting a Historical Villain Upgrade.
04:59:58 PM Jan 29th 2012
Just who deleted and locked the character sheet and why?
12:21:53 PM Aug 31st 2011
Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters, I think shouldn't have names, examples, I think it's better to leave it "Applies for the point of view of every faction involved", to keep it neutral. It seems like a Take That to these people when you include examples. So is Villain White Washing Service which says see YTAOFF. Also Villain with Good Publicity. I believe examples for these tropes are asking for a Flame War.
12:47:38 PM Jul 29th 2011
How is Vojslav Šešelj Crazy Awesome? In fact, it seems like this topic has a number of references to him that cast him in a very good light. Am I the only one who feels a bit weird reading that about an alleged war criminal? I certainly did not think he was crazy awesome, that is someone's personal opinion.
10:02:38 AM Aug 13th 2011
Changed it to Refuge in Audacity to make it a bit more neutral.
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