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01:15:32 PM Aug 31st 2013
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Could someone explain why All Stories Are Real Somewhere, which had a YKTTW as a general trope, and was launched, and is currently being refered to as a trope on 33 pages that have nothing to do with Heinlein, has become a redirect to this page? I've been trying to follow the history of this page, and its relationship to that YKTTW, which seems to have been spawned from a TRS discussion about fixing this page, and I just get hopelessly confused.
07:07:14 PM Dec 5th 2013
From what I can tell, All Stories Are Real Somewhere was a trope that was spawned to replace this one due to unclarity. Someone somewhere decided they didn't like that, and just cut All Stories Are Real Somewhere and revived this page. Then again, I'm not entirely sure.
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