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02:53:36 PM Mar 23rd 2011
Currently re-watching the series because I bought the whole thing on DVD last month. I wish I'd gotten on here to update after each episode because now I'm having trouble keeping the episodes straight, what with the "Night of the..." titles and the vague descriptions on the box. Anyone remember what episode (I'm seeing it in B&W in my mind, so it must be season one) had the glass box that released gas if it was tampered with? I remember that the villain ended up in the box at the end of the episode. Grrr... which one was that?
12:16:04 PM Sep 30th 2010
Here's and interesting note: Wild Wild West was inspired by the James Bond novels. (The creators wanted to turn Casino Royale into a movie, but Executive Meddling decided such an idea wouldn't be profitable. So they made a western TV series instead) Therefore, I think the following tropes are appropriate: Captain Ersatz: James West to James Bond Recycled INSPACE: Wild Wild West is James Bond IN THE WILD WEST
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