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06:03:25 PM Sep 15th 2013
Harry Potter seemed more like Allies versus Axis, especially when the Ministry is taken over, and the fact that Dumbledore and Grindelwald fought in 1945. Which references were made to the War on Terror there?
01:07:54 PM Nov 30th 2012
Did anybody else realize that the term doesn't make actual sense since you can't declare war on abstract concepts like terror? Or, are we keeping that out for a reason?
01:39:24 PM Nov 30th 2012
This is to inform, not editorialize.
12:33:16 AM Feb 24th 2014
Have you read the article content for this thing? It's about as impartial as MSNBC.
02:23:09 AM Feb 24th 2014
I am not seeing any problems.
04:06:58 AM Aug 10th 2014
I assume you meant this US media company ( Although I am sure this article is fairly accurate, I take it you believe that both it and the company you mentioned are not?
02:29:40 PM Oct 12th 2010
I have a problem with the tropes under the "Pro-US" and "Anti-US" portrayal sections. BlackAndWhiteMorality is not a guarantee in Pro-US portrayals, and BlackAndGreyMorality is certainly not a guarantee in Anti-US portrayals. This has UnfortunateImplications about American media (if not Americans in general), implying that those with American sympathies see everything in terms of back and white, and that only those extremely critical of the United States can fathom that things might not be so simple. For an example of the former, just watch TwentyFour. While it can definitely be labeled a Pro-US example, not everything is black and white. Actions of Bauer and the other good guys are called into question more often than not, and there are even a few moments of NotSoDifferent. For an example of an Anti-US portrayal with BlackAndWhiteMorality, look no further than the Turkish action film Valley of the Wolves: Iraq. The film is built around the paranoid fantasies of many about the US and Israel launching a war to destroy Islam, with a 100% Type #2 Eagleland/ArmiesAreEvil portrayal, with a truckload of anti-semitism and anti-Kurdish sentiment thrown in for good measure. You can't get more black and white than that.
11:34:44 AM Oct 10th 2010
>9/11 'till the end of time.

Do you know something we don't?
09:37:04 AM May 2nd 2011
The War on Terror is, when taken literally, a war against an abstract concept/tactic. It's not the War Against Al-Qaeda or the War Against the Taliban, it's the War against Asymmetrical Warfare Directed at Civilian Populations and/or Occupying Forces.
06:53:54 PM Aug 27th 2010
Wait, wait, wait. Cartman from South Park killing Barack Obama was considered a 'Crowning Moment of Awesome" by the person who edited it in? Maybe It Makes Sense in Context , but right off hand, that seems more like a Dethroning Moment of Suck for Cartman. Can somebody help clarify what's so great about that particular episode?
07:11:02 PM Aug 27th 2010
edited by MatthewTheRaven
Because you're confusing the President of the United States with the mastermind of 9-11. Read the entry again.
11:34:04 AM Oct 10th 2010
edited by
Disregard this.
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