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10:13:50 AM Apr 7th 2016
I have seen this trope misused a considerable number of times as "What is supposed to be The Reveal, except every viewer had already figured it by now". Do we have a trope for that ?
10:29:31 AM Apr 7th 2016
10:58:25 AM Apr 7th 2016
No, it's Captain Obvious Reveal.

The Un-Twist is when "The Reveal is so obvious, that audiences miss it because they've dismissed something so blatant."
06:25:07 AM Jul 31st 2013
I deleted this entry. Fans, sort it out and write the examples clearly.

  • In Gundam SEED, we never get to see what Rau Le Creuset's face looks like under that mask. Mu and Kira got to see it, and it was apparently shocking. But his face is never once shown to the audience.
    • Seriously? Episode 45 (43 in the HD Remaster). We get a long glimpse of his face after Mu and Kira shoot of his mask not to mention the flashbacks of the maskless Rau when he was young in the same episode, it's pretty easy to imagine, he's just Mu/Neo with lighter hair
    • Just to rub it in, his mask burns away seconds before he's disintegrated in a huge explosion. But the scene is angled so we still don't see anything.
    • We do get to (very briefly) see his face late in Destiny during a flashback to his mask getting shot off in SEED. However, just to twist the knife in even further, it looks completely normal, well, as normal as a clone of a famous politician can look. I guess the mask was just there to hide that fact.
      • The reason for the shocked reactions, presumably, is that said famous politician is Mu's father (who also bankrolled the experiments that led to Kira's birth), and thus Rau looks a lot like Mu.
        • No, the reason for the shocked reactions is because it confirms to Mu and Kira that what Rau had told them was completely true, all of it, as Mu had spent much of the time convinced that Rau was full of crap.
06:42:28 AM Jul 31st 2013
Weblinks Are Not Examples.

12:41:57 PM Jul 20th 2011
Cut out the natter under the Geico Gecko entry. Yes, those to familiar with a Cockney accent, his nationallity would be a silly question. To the 99% of Americans who wouldn't know a Cockney accent from Glassweigan from Yorkshire... not so much.

To clarify for our non-American (especially UK) readers: How many of you would be able to differentiate between a Texas Twang and a Deep South drawl? Or a Minnesotan accent from a Bostonian one?
05:20:13 AM Apr 11th 2010
I was wondering, whatever happened to the trope picture with Tuxedo Mask and the caption that goes: "Another mask under the mask and Face Framed in Shadow? Well Played Tuxedo Mask, well played..."? I mean, I've never seen that series and I instantly understood what was going on in the picture, and it seemed to be a genuine example of the trope.
- The current picture I'm not sure about. It seems like to have little in the way of setup and the reveal no real importance (again, I'm not acquainted with the story in question).
06:01:41 PM Apr 11th 2010
My guess it was killed for being Just a Face and a Caption. If this was the picture in question, I can see why.

To be honest, I don't like this image either. Something like you described would be much better- a picture of a guy with a mask, taking off a mask, and then we just see another mask framed in shadow. But I don't know where such a picture would exist.
03:08:13 AM Apr 12th 2010
edited by AlsoSprachOdin
No-no-no, that wasn't the picture I was talking about: He had one mask in his hand, just a little away from his face so that it was obvious he had just taken it off. His entire head was just a black outline except for the mask he is wearing on this picture. Except it was more formfitting in my memory. I wish I knew where that was... [Five seconds of google later] Well that was easier than I thought. The picture is the same as in Dramatic Unmask. What do you say, Aye or Nay?
07:42:12 AM Apr 12th 2010
...Yeah, that picture does work much better for The Un-Reveal than it does Dramatic Unmask. Because while it may look dramatic, I really can't see anything in that picture, and he's just wearing another mask underneath it.

This does present a problem, though, in that we would need a new picture for Dramatic Unmask.
01:45:00 AM Apr 13th 2010
Image changed. Discussion of new image for Dramatic Unmask beginning on DramaticUnmask discussion
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