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05:59:51 AM Mar 15th 2012
I'm thinking Death, Death Knights and Revenants should all be removed as "varieties".

Although Death is commonly portrayed as a skeleton, he's usually not an actual human who died and was resurrected. I've seen him be an angel, a spirit, a god or just an anthropomorphic personification, but never an actual dead guy.

As for "Death Knights" and "Revnants", what the hell? I've never seen these guys outside of video or tabletop games. If we're gonna include every type of undead in every RPG ever, then I guess we'll also have to include wights, ghouls and huecuvas. In fact I consider "liches" to be a borderline case (it's just the german word for "corpse", you know) but at least they have their own trope.
01:29:24 PM Aug 18th 2012
I think that Revanants should atleast stay. They aren't just tabletop or video game.

Here is more infomation on Revanants
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