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11:47:33 AM Jun 12th 2012
Just thought I'd note that I did some cleanup. Removed some YMMV stuff, changed some tenses to past tense now that the show is over, did a little correct instead of argue, etc. I also took out some material dealing with true history rather than the show, since this after all is about the television program and not a Useful Notes page on Henry VIII.
10:34:13 PM Sep 28th 2011
So — wrong format and not attributed.

It's good to be (the) king.

This is the correct format:
"Pithy, apropos quotes are optional, but they make us laugh."
Person who said it, Series Title, "Episode title (if applicable)"

Potholed to Mel Brooks but that's not how it is done. In any case it's probably better to use to quote from the work.

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