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08:07:01 AM Sep 23rd 2015
edited by hellomoto
Must the Wife be presented as being highly suited to be a romance and/or marriage partner? What about a calm, cool and steady light-feminine character who prefers to avoid romance and/or marriage?

Must all the three characters be female, or just highly feminine?
02:09:34 PM Sep 23rd 2015
No, the wife has less to do with romance and more stability and competence so a business partner or something similar would work too I think.

Almost Always Female
11:07:43 AM Jun 10th 2014
I'm not sure where to talk about my personal feelings of this trope so I'll say it here. ^^;

I personally like the wife aspect the most, the balance between child and seductress, but I generally like the more childish and sweetest kind more than the seductress. ^^; Even if maybe their usually more ditzy and sometimes the darker one seems more mature or at least smarter. :p

Except when it's something like FFVII, I'd definitely choose Tifa over Yuffie. XD Since, you know, Tifa actually has a soft side to her like Aerith has a secret mischievious side. :p

They also seem noticably more feminine in Kingdom Hearts for the most part. o.O
11:10:44 AM Jun 10th 2014
Well, okay, maybe their like that period in other works because of the Flanderization, but it seems their more boisterous and possibly more Teen-rated characteristics are left out in KH. XD

Also, Aerith seemed to be a lot more happier and cheerful like a Genki Girl in Crisis Core when she was dating Zack before a bunch of shit happened that led to the original game. o.O

It's too bad, because her original persona in that game was adorable. :( Then there's the dating stuff you can do with her like the flower basket. ^^; So cute. <3 And it's nice that it's still an RPG too, and seeing how everyone reacts to the different kinds. XD
10:17:30 AM Jan 7th 2013
Zero Context Examples I just cut:


  • From Madlax: Margaret Burton is the mother, Madlax is the Seductress, Laetitia is The Child.
  • From Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann we have Kittan's sisters: Kiyoh (Seductress), Kinon (Wife) and Kiyal (Child).
  • In School Rumble, the women who are important to Harima are Tenma (child), Eri (seductress) and Yakumo (wife).
  • Daimos has Nana (child), Princess Erika (wife) and Raiza (seductress).
  • From Rurouni Kenshin, we have Misao (Child), Kaoru (Wife) and Megumi (Seductress).
  • Mingchao (Child), Fino (Wife), and Benkate (Seductress) from Et Cetera.
  • Fruits Basket: Tohru the Child/Mother, Arisa the Seductress and Saki the Mother.
  • Vandread: Dita the Child, Meia the Mother, and Jura the Seductress.
  • Umineko no Naku Koro ni: the three girls in 1986 Rokkenjima: Shannon (Mother), Maria (Child) and Jessica (Seductress). Shannon/Sayo/Yasu/KANON/etc. is more complex than she looks like, tho.
  • The three main teenage girls in Detective Conan: Kazuha Touyama (Child), Ran Mori (Mother), Sonoko Suzuki (Seductress).
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica, due to... "cast changes", has many of these.
    • In school: Madoka (Child), Hitomi (Mother with touches of Seductress), Sayaka (Seductress with touches of Mother)
    • First PM trio of sorts: Madoka (Child), Sayaka (Seductress/Mother) and Mami (Mother) until Mami's death
    • Second PM trio: Sayaka (Child), Homura (Mother), Kyouko (Seductress). Though Kyouko shows Mother traits... when she's about to die.
    • Backstory's first and second timelines: Madoka (Mother), Mami (Seductress/Mother), Homura (Child)

  • Digimon Adventure had this with its female leads: Sora as the Mother, Hikari as the Child, and Mimi as the Seductress.
  • Mawaru-Penguindrum: Ringo Oginome (Child), Himari Takakura (Mother/Child), either Yuri Tokikago or Masako Natsume (Seductress).
  • Sailor Moon: The Starlights (when not genderflipped): Seiya/Starfighter (Child), Taiki/Starmaker (Mother), Yaten/Starhealer (Seductress).
  • In Fate/Zero: Saber (Child), Irisviel (a literal Wife/Mother) and Maiya (Seductress).
  • In Hidan no Aria: Aria (Child), Shirayuki (Wife) and Riko (Seductress).
  • Magic Knight Ray Earth: In the second season: Aska (Child), Tatra (Wife), Tarta (Seductress).
  • In Hekikai no AiON: Yuzuki (child), Seine (mother) and Shizuki (seductress).


  • The three leads in The First Wives Club. Brenda (Wife), Elise (seductress), Annie (child).
  • Repo! The Genetic Opera has Shilo (the child), Amber Sweet (the seductress), and Blind Mag (the mother).
  • The three sisters in Hannah and Her Sisters: Hannah (wife), Lee (seductress), and Holly (child).
  • Black Swan: Nina (child), Lily (seductress), Nina's mom (mother; subverted in that she's single).

  • In The Princess Series Snow White is the innocent, Danielle is the wife, and Talia is the seductress.

  • Liz (wife), Jenna (seductress) and Cerie (child) on 30 Rock.
  • Birds of Prey has Helena (aka Huntress) as the seductress, Barbara (aka Oracle) as the sensible one, and Dinah as the child.
  • Angel has Cordelia (the wife), Lilah (the seductress), and Fred (the child)
  • From the various: Star Trek series:
  • The three women of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Aunt Vivian is the wife/mother, Hilary is the seductress and Ashley is the child.

Videogames (surprisingly good examples here)

Visual novels
  • Tsukihime: Arcueid, Akiha (Child), Ciel, Hisui (Wife), Kohaku (Seductress)

I am also cross-posting to the ensembles thread in special efforts, if you know the context but are unsure if it is a fit please stop by so we can talk! If you are certain it is an example then please re-add with context.
10:26:02 AM Jan 7th 2013
  • In Mazinger Z, Sayaka (wife), Misato (seductress) and Erika (child).
  • Cat's Eye: The three heroines.

Missed a couple!!
12:05:52 PM Jan 7th 2013
edited by willthiswork
A few more I missed: anime
  • Oniisama e... gives us two trios like this:
    • The first years: Tomoko Arikura (Child), Nanako Misonou (Mother), Mariko Shinobu (Seductress). More in the anime, tho, due to Tomoko being an Ascended Extra.
    • The three School idols: Rei Asaka (Child), Kaoru Orihara (Mother), Fukiko Ichinomiya (Seductress)

  • The three sisters in The Sapphires: Gail (the eldest) is the Wife, Cynthia (the middle child) is the Seductress, and Julie (the youngest) is the Child. Their cousin Kay also fits the Child role.

  • The Vampire Diaries: In the novel series, Elena, Meredith and Bonnie with Elena as the "Seductress", Meredith as the "Wife" and Bonnie as the "Child".

  • Dawson's Creek has (in seasons 2, 3 and 4) Joey as the wife, Jen as the seductress and Andie as the child.
  • Zoey 101: Season 2 has roommates Zoey (wife), Lola (seductress) and Nicole (child).
    • Seasons 3 and 4, the three female leads: Zoey (wife), Lola (seductress) and Quinn (child).
  • This was present on 227, with Brenda (child), Mary (mother), and Sandra (seductress).


10:44:53 AM Jan 8th 2013
Another batch I missed:

(fire emblem)
  • The possible love interests for both male lords fit as well. In the case of Eliwood we have Lyn as the Seductress, Ninian as the Maiden and Fiora as the Mother; for Hector there's Farina as the Seductress, Lyn as the Mother, and Florina as the Maiden.
    • And Erk's love interests too: Priscilla is the Mother, Nino is the Child, Serra is the Seductress.
    • Kent's as well: Lyn (Child), Fiora (Mother), Farina (Seductress).
  • In Sain's case: Fiora (Mother) and Farina (Seductress) stay, switching Lyn with Rebecca as the Child.
  • Even more Peg Knights come from the Akaneia continent: Palla (Mother), Catria (Seductress, though mostly by default), and Est (Child)
  • Also, the three girls more important to Celice among the group: Lana (Mother), Yuria (Child) and Lakche (Seductress). If you don't get Lana and Lakche, they're replaced by their expies Manna and Radney, and they fit just as well.

  • Yuki (the child), Kimiko (the wife) and Miho (The seductress) from Megatokyo.

01:39:50 AM Jan 9th 2013

Seductress must be by choice is the first problem with those examples, not just someone looks attractive. Second, an action princess and political queen are not child-like.


This could maybe work except that there are four sister and there's no reason to exclude Jo. See Four-Girl Ensemble.

live-action tv

  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch fits this with Sabrina and her aunts. Zelda is the wife, Hilda the seductress and Sabrina the child. In the seventh season when Sabrina and her two friends become the leads, Sabrina is now the wife, Roxie the child and Morgan the seductress.
  • The three main females of Victorious: Tori (rational peacemaker), Jade (the bad girl with a boyfriend), and Cat (child).

Roxie and Jade repel people with their anger, even if Jade does have a boyfriend. Sabrina and aunts don't fit because they're uptight, fun (in a non-sexual way), and down to earth.
09:13:38 PM Jan 11th 2013
  • In the companion book to Fun Home, Are You My Mother?, Alison Bechdel lampshades this trope when talking about her crush on Maria Von Trapp.
    "It's hard to say which Maria I desired more—The Child she was to the Nuns at the convent, the Lover she was to Captain Von Trapp, or the enlivening Mother she was to the repressed children, sewing them play clothes from the draperies. I just knew I wanted her."

This is not child, lover, and mother and there's nothing sudductive about Maria.
11:01:48 PM Jan 21st 2013
Zero Context Examples: Don't add back without saying how all three of them fit each of the three roles:

Anime and Manga

  • Sharon Apple of Macross Plus takes on three forms which reflect the Three Faces, though one personality is in control.
  • From the Madoka Spin-Off Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Mami (Mother), Kyoko (Seductress/Mother), Yuma (Child) as well as the aforementioned Sayaka (Seductress/Mother), Hitomi (Mother) and Madoka (Child)
  • Hanasaku Iroha has Ohana Matsumae (Child), Sui Shijima (Wife) and Satsuki Matsumae (Seductress). The main character, her grandmother, and her mother, respectively.

comic books

  • Eve tells a version of her origin story in Fables and Reflections in which she reveals how all three interpretations of her self are "true". She herself can be seen to shift in appearance between frames, taking on any of the three aspects.
  • In Earth-3, the Evil Counterpart Universe to the regular DC Verse, contains the character Evelyn Dent, Three-Face.
  • Scott Pilgrim sets this trope up with Knives Chau (child) Kim Pine (Mother) and Envy Adams (Seductress), with Ramona representing the complete woman. This is inferred when all three come to devour him when Ramona has slayed him in one of his dream sequences. Also, it may be seen in Scott's ending in the video game adaptation, where he ends up dating all three at once. Finally, one of the themes of the final volume of the series, revolves around Scott resolving his projection issues with these three ladies, so he can move on with Ramona.


  • The 1957 movie The Three Faces of Eve is about a woman with multiple personalities, names changed to protect the innocent to Eve White (child), Eve Black (seductress) and Jane. It's Based on a True Story, with the results carefully edited to make her psychiatrists look good. Years later the woman (real name Chris) sued, and won.
  • Seen in 9 To 5, with Judy as the Child, Violet as the Mother, and Doralee as the Seductress. Doralee is something of a subversion though, in that despite being a buxom secretary, she isn't trying to seduce anyone; coworkers just assume she is.


live-action tv

  • The three females in the main cast of Gilligan's Island: Mrs. Howell, the oldest one, is actually the childlike one naive one. Ginger, the movie star, is obviously the seductress, and Mary Ann is the wife.
  • The three main females of Scrubs. Carla: mother, Elliot: child and Jordan: seductress. Notable for fitting the categories pretty much exclusively, with no swapping over or anything.
  • Arrested Development has Lucille as the wife, Lindsay as the seductress and Maebe as the child. Also subverted in that Lucille is a terrible homemaker, Lindsay is mostly romantically unsuccessful and starts the series married to a closeted homosexual man, and Maebe is far from innocent.
  • Sex and the City: If one perceives Carrie as a 'neutral observer' who serves to interact with the others (or a Mary Sue where the others serve to interact with her) - Samantha would be the seductress, Miranda is the booksmart grounded mother (and double when she has her baby), and Charlotte is the naive childlike maiden.
  • The three main Cheerios on Glee (even if they're not all Cheerleaders now—long story) has Quinn (the mother, a literal one at that), Brittany (the child), and Santana (the seductress).
  • The Charmed ones fit these roles. The first three seasons had Prue as the mother, Piper as the child and Phoebe as the seductress. After Prue leaves and Paige joins the show, Piper becomes the mother/protector, Paige joins as the child while Phoebe remains the seductress.
  • The three females in Friends have Monica as the wife (she is indeed the first to get married properly), Phoebe as the child and Rachel as the seductress.
  • Battlestar Galactica
    • Classic: Serina is the Mother (literally to Boxey), Athena is the Child (literally to Adama) and Cassiopeia is the Seductress (her past as a hooker helps).
      • In later episodes, Athena and Cassiopeia swap between the roles of the Mother and the Seductress, while Sheba takes Athena's place as the Child (literally to Cain).
    • Reimagined: The three female Cylons fit this with Three as the Mother, Six as the Seductress and Eight as the Child (In terms of how she is easily swayed to another side.)
  • Ally McBeal had Ally as the child, Georgia as the wife, and Elaine as the seductress. Although later Nelle and Ling better fit the concept of the independent seductress.
  • Beverly Hills, 90210 had Brenda as the wife, Kelly as the seductress and Donna as the child.
    • In later seasons Kelly was the wife, Valerie the seductress and Donna still the child.
  • One Tree Hill has the James sisters: Haley is the wife (ironically, since she's the youngest), Taylor is the seductress and Quinn is the child.
  • The young female characters in That '70s Show: Donna is the wife, Jackie is the child and Laurie is the seductress.
  • Teen Wolf: Allison, Lydia and Erica, with Allison as the Wife, Lydia as the Child and Erica as the Seductress.


  • Meredith Brook's song "Bitch" categorizes under the all three parts. It mentions "bitch", "lover", "child", "mother", "sinner", "saint", "hell", "dream", "tease" and "goddess" on the chorus, which combines all three faces.

professional wrestling

video games

  • The lead females in the Metal Gear series follow this pattern — Meryl from 1 (virgin), Rose from 2 (mother) and EVA from 3 (whore). The supporting female cast also seem to have this: 1 had Sniper Wolf (seductress), 2 had Olga Gurlukovich (mother) and Emma Emmerich (child) and 3 had The Boss (mother).
    • MGS3 also has Para-Medic (child), the Boss (mother) and EVA (seductress). They are even introduced in this order.
  • In Knights of the Old Republic we have ingenue Mission (for whom there is no romance, she being underage), always-proper wife Bastilla, and seductress Juhani.
    • Speaking of Excellen, it seems she and her Expies (Xiaomu of Namco x Capcom and Kaguya Nanbu of Endless Frontier) form up this trope. Excellen is still the Seductress, while innocent Kaguya is the Child, and Xiaomu, despite her look and personality as a Child, has traits of the Mother (being that she's Really 700 Years Old, took care of the male lead since he was a child and has partnered with his dad at one time)
      • In an even rarer third example involving Excellen again, out of her and her clones Lemon Browning and Einst Alfimi, she's still the Seductress, with Lemon as the Wife and Alfimi the Child. Good god, is there anything this woman isn't??
    • Speaking of three sisters, there's Kazuma Ardygun's sisters in Super Robot Wars W, with Shihomi as the Wife, Akane as the Seductress (mostly by default), and Mihiro (duh) as the Child.
    • Three most prominent girls who fight alongside Masaki Andoh in the Masou Kishin portion may also count: Lune Zoldark, being the girl most aggressive on her advances on Masaki, is the Seductress, Tytti Noorbuck, Masaki's semi-Cool Big Sis and fellow Herald of the Elemental Lord, is the Mother, and lastly, newcomer Token Mini-Moe Mio Sasuga is obviously the Child.
    • Additionally, Kasumi Todou replaced Yuri as the daughter/child in KOF'96 and Chizuru Kagura became a secondary mother in KOF'97.
    • Despite them never really meeting, in Twilight Princess Zelda is the Poster Child mother-figure, while Midna is obviously a seductress. Throw Ilia and her childlike qualities into the mix and you get this trope.
  • Suikoden V has your female family taking up these roles: Lymsleia (the child), Haswar (the mother), and Sialeeds (the seductress). Arshtat acts as a High Queen over the whole lot.
  • In Jak and Daxter, Tess is the childish one, Keira is the sensible one, and Ashelin is the dark one. They're all sexy.
  • The ladies of Chrono Trigger fit this trope.
    • Marle is the child, maintaining her naivety and innocence through most of the game.
    • Lucca is the wife, smart and sensible and always the voice of reason.
    • And Ayla is the Seductress because, well, just look at her dialogue! (And she clearly has an established thing with Kino which results in her pregnancy in one ending)
  • Many of the three-girl Cast Herds of Touhou have a bit of this if you look for them.
  • Bahamut Lagoon has three example groups: main characters Yoyo (the Squishy Wizard), Melodia (the Bratty Half-Pint / Token Mini-Moe) and Zora (the mother); light armor warriors Lukia (the feminine one), Jeanne (the Tomboy), and Mist (the fragile one); and healers Joy (the White Magician Girl), Diana (the Tomboy) and Frederica (the fragile, childish one).
  • The female players of the Nonary Game in Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors fit this trope perfectly, and in numerical order as well: Clover (#4, the innocent child), June (#6, the kind-hearted peacekeeper), and Lotus (#8, the oldest and sexiest).
  • NOL girls consist of Noel, who is technically only 5 years old despite her look, Tsubaki, the sensible one, and Makoto, the Ms. Fanservice.
  • In Tokimeki Memorial 1, the three School Idols of Kirameki High can be summed up as this. Saki Nijino, the Idol of the Sports Club, is the innocent one; Mira Kagami, the Madone, is the seductress; and Shiori Fujisaki, the Superstar, is the wise and calm one.
  • For Lost Odyssey, Sarah would be the wife, Ming would be the seductress, and Cooke the child. Seth also has aspects of the wife role, but in a more kick ass sense.

visual novels

  • Fate/stay night: Ilyasviel (Child), Saber (Wife), Rin (Seductress); Sakura is somewhat of a mix of all three, acting rather innocently, is emotionally dependent on Shirou, but is sexually experienced, though not by choice.


  • In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!, Molly is the child, Jean is the steady girlfriend, and Voluptua is the sexy one in the one-piece swimsuit.
  • Yuki (the child), Kimiko (the wife) and Miho (The seductress) from Megatokyo.
  • Megatokyo: Largo's English Awesomeness class also has one of these: naive Robot Girl Ping, sarcastic Class Representative Junko, and the aforementioned Miho.
  • Sabrina Online follows this perfectly: Sabrina is the Child, Amy is (literally, now) the Wife, and... hell, three guesses who the Seductress is and the first two don't count.

web original

  • Hilariously deconstructed here

western animation

06:26:44 PM Dec 6th 2012
Lee as Seductress? I think I'm gonna puke!
11:10:33 PM Nov 13th 2012
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When explaining what doesn't qualify in the finale paragraph, they also have said simply have 3 characters seemingly fitting those 3 archetypes isn't enough, they have to be a Trio in some way. The Angel example is an example of this being misused. But also The Vampire Diaries example doesn't work, perhaps if we ever see Tatia and she qualifies as The Child then the 3 Ninas might work. But The Lying Game page also does this, it takes 2 twins then randomly adds a third.
03:31:43 AM Aug 18th 2012
Removed Power Puff, Avatar, and My Little Pony examples. Blatant Square Peg, Round Trope.Why does this trope exist. Are we sure this is a trope? Maybe we should just have one general genderless trope for rough, intelligent and innocent? We already have like,6 of them. not much variation.
09:01:47 PM Dec 20th 2012
Power Puff Girls is back. There have been people adding it and removing it several times now. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is back too. This badly needs a Trope Repair Shop when a slot opens up. Nearly all the examples are Zero-Context Example and people keep calling the wife role 'mother.'
04:25:36 PM Jan 4th 2013
Ooo, I agree. I am beginning to suspect most of the groups of people tropes need special efforts threads ala 5 man band to hammer out all this shoehorning.
03:45:20 PM Jan 5th 2013
Okay, I started a Special Efforts thread for 'Shoehorning in the ensembles.'
05:45:19 AM Jul 16th 2012
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How do I delete topics I didn't meant to create?
04:42:24 AM Jul 15th 2012
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Artemis being the "Maiden" did not mean to Greeks to what it means to us. She was not in any way Childlike, and neither where Athena or Hestia. Hera was probably the most Childlike.
01:55:04 PM Mar 13th 2012
If those Zelda girls are on the picture, how come I can't find The Legend of Zelda in this trope?
05:50:09 AM Jul 16th 2012
The picture is odd to be a standard example. Normally you'd esthetically place the Wife in the center, but in that pic the middle girl is easily the Seductive one.
09:53:38 AM Feb 11th 2012
edited by R.G.
Re: Girl Genius.

No doubt Zeetha would be the Seductress, but who would be the Child? The Wife?

Could Agatha be the Child or the Wife?
01:13:44 PM Jul 2nd 2011
Disputed examples moved here:

  • In Mahou Sensei Negima!, Negi's friend/rival Kotaro ends up living with Natsumi (child), Chizuru (wife) and Ayaka (Seductress; Crone according to Kotaro).
    • Poor Natsumi, just because she's the shortest, she has to be the child? Really, looking at their relationships with Kotaro, Ayaka is a non-romantic (at least, so far) type-B tsundere, and acts far more childish than Natsuki. Chizuru actually tends to be the most flirtatious, and the most dangerous to Kotaro. ("Don't fall in love with her!") Natsumi, meanwhile, generally has the most mature relationship with Kotaro, and it isn't missed on most readers that their relationship most resembles that of a couple.
      • Part of that is Character Development. Natsumi's the Child not just because of her (lack of) figure, but because that's how she sees herself (example: she uses the 'neechan' honorific for Chizuru, despite the fact that Natsumi is actually a few months older), especially compared to the other two. Chizuru is the wife because she's basically the head of this family unit and is basically learning childcare in her after-school time; Marshmallow Hell notwithstanding, she's the one who started nudging Natsumi towards Kotaro in the first place. Leave Ayaka alone in a room with Negi for about fifteen minutes and you'll see why she's the third.

  • Firefly has Kaylee as the child, Zoe as the wife and Inara as the literal seductress— it's her job as a companion (a high-class hooker). River also has some childlike elements (in a Creepy Child sort of way), but is largely outside the archetype. Inara can be thought of in the mother role, given her relationship with most of the non-Mal characters and the calming voice of assurance and goodwill. Zoe also fits, but she seems more like a grown up Action Girl.
    • Could also be re-organized into Kaylee and River each forming one-half of the "child" personality. Though each has innocent and childlike qualities, Kaylee is also much more sexual than the traditional "child" role, and River has that whole psychic/psychosis thing going on. This is displayed in the two forming an innocent, genuine friendship with one another.

  • The Golden Girls. Dorothy is the cold and authoritative matron, Rose is the ditzy and innocent child, and Blanche is the Casanova with the most smutty past (and present) love life.
    • Another interpretation would make Sophia the mother, as despite her snarky ways she cares for all the girls. Rose and Blanche have on more than one occasion admitted that they view Sophia as a mother to them.

Deleted these as not fitting: look for weasel words like "kind of" or "sometimes", or for descriptions of the seductress that dance around, and gloss over whether she fits the "sexual" part. Also look for weaseling over which one fits which role. In a Three Faces of Eve, who is which one is clearly distinguishable. There's no question of which one is Child and which is Seductress. It's not a case of "these two could be either one" or "this character is both of these". It's also a group of three, not four or five or six or more.

  • Mai-HiME's main Power Trio falls into this, too: Mikoto Minagi as the Child, Mai Tokiha as the Wife, and Natsuki Kuga as the Seductress...kind of. (Just watch the last few minutes to episode'll know what we're talking about.) One would expect Mai's and Natsuki's positions to be switched, but hey...
  • The Prince of Tennis girls: Tomoka Osakada is The Maiden (childlike, cheerful, Tsundere), Sakuno Ryuzaki is The Mother (quiet, gentle, protective), An Tachibana is The Seductress (outspoken, assertive, manipulative but good hearted).
  • The female Servants of the 5th Holy Grail War. Saber is probably the Child (least developed body, turning out like a Fish out of Water when taken to a date by Shiro, and rather awkward in anything outside battle), Caster is the Mother (doesn't have children, but her interactions and utmost loyalty to Kuzuki is almost like a twisted Yamato Nadeshiko) and Rider is the Seductress (Boobs of Steel and all. And when she is an enemy, she sounded alluring, not to mention that her identity is the Always Chaotic Evil monster Medusa, while Seductresses in general often get bad raps.)
    • Plus, Caster or Medea was a mother. Not a good one, but still. Also, Rider can make people dream of sex.
  • Shugo Chara! has Amu's three Shugo Charas: Ran is the child, Suu the mother (but with some child-like attributes). Miki, however, is less a seductress than the Only Sane Man (or, better, woman).
  • In Candy Candy: female lead Candy is the Seductress (outspoken, strongwilled, defiant of society), her school friend Patty is the Mother (sweet, booksmart, mature), and Candy's best friend and sworn sister Annie is the Child/Maiden (insecure, reserved, sometimes childlike).
  • The first half of the original Sailor Moon series has Usagi/Moon as The Child/Maiden, Ami/Mercury as The Wife, and Rei/Mars as The Seductress. Makoto/Jupiter and Minako/Venus make it a Five-Man Band soon, though.
    • Also, the Outer Senshi can be seen as this. Haruka is The Maiden (brash, free-spirited, tomboyish), Michiru is the Seductress (gentle, feminine, elegant), Setsuna is The Wife (mature, the oldest of the group, Chibi-Usa's Cool Big Sis).
  • AIR has this to a certain extent, with the three main girls. Sweet and mature Minagi is definitely the mother, and while Kano and Misuzu both have aspects of seductress (Misuzu is blatantly obsessed with Yukito, but Kano is playful with him too) Misuzu has many more child traits than Kano does.
  • If you add in Cheryl Blossom, she becomes The Seductress of the Archie Comics with Betty (mother) and Veronica (child). Otherwise, Veronica can manage to fill in child and seductress by herself.
  • The three female leads of the Harry Potter series loosely fit this — Hermione (mother), Ginny (seductress) and Luna (child). Ginny doesn't quite fit the part of the seductress as well as some fans think, but she's definitely the brash/edgy one, although she occasionally leans towards the child role. Hermione and Luna, on the other hand, fit their respective roles very well.
  • The main characters of Avalon: Web of Magic are three teenage girls: nurturing and sensible Emily (mother), selfish and impulsive Kara (child), and the dark outcast Adriane (not a seductress, but definitely Darker and Edgier).
  • In Mexican literature, three common representations of women are Malinche (Cortez's mistress) representing the whore or traitor; Mary, the mother of Jesus, representing the Virgin and Sor Juana (an educated nun and early feminist) representing a third option, somewhat intermediate option.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in the high school years, has Buffy (the mother/protector), Willow (the child/innocent), and Cordelia (the seductress).
    • In later seasons, Willow gains elements of the seductress. Tara and Dawn can also represent the mother and child figures respectively.
      • Faith, Glory, and Darla all qualify as seductresses. Drusilla can also fill the "child" slot.


Where is the "mother" aspect?

  • In Revolutionary Girl Utena, Himemiya Anthy. As the Eve figure of Ohtori, she deconstructs all three sides of the child, wife, and seductress triad. In the first arc, Anthy seems like a placid, eerily submissive Damsel in Distress who has no clear will of her own. Her innocence is assumed by the audience, when presented with her domestic Yamato Nadeshiko exterior, and moments of blank, somewhat vapid cheer. However, it later becomes apparent that this image is a counterfeit one, and is slowly replaced by flashes of a far more disturbing persona. This is emphasized through her relationship with Akio. In these scenes, she is depicted as a coldly beautiful goddess — or distant, terrifying witch — more than capable of manipulating those around her. Her role in the dueling game is further emblematic of this whore/crone/maiden dichotomy she represents. As the Rose Bride, she is perpetually on the cusp of maidenhood; she isn't precisely a "girl," or a true adult either.
  • The leads in Friends fall under this trope very loosely. Monica is the mother, albeit a neurotic, obsessive-compulsive one; Phoebe is usually the child, but can be the seductress if need be; and Rachel is somewhere between being the child and the seductress, going back and forth when the plot demands it.
    • Note how it swings back and forth between Rachel and Phoebe. When one is being childlike and naive and needs to ask the other for advice, the other one becomes the seductress
      • Phoebe's personality is quirky and hippie-ish, Rachel is (initially) very naive. Rachel probably qualifies better as the seductress because she has had more love interests and is often trying to get dates with guys she likes. Phoebe is much less romantic and her relationships tend to last longer. Phoebe has childlike notions about some things (she thought her mom was a cat) and Rachel simply didn't understand certain social conventions.

(gruff and sharp-tongued isn't "Wife" in TFoE; it's Crone and it's part of Hecate Sisters)

  • Whose Line Is It Anyway? usually fell victim to The Smurfette Principle, until the creators' attempts to add female talents to expand the ranks wound up invoking this trope in the long run.
    • In the UK run, the three most notable female players were Josie Lawrence ("the child", despite being up the most often), Sandi Toksvig ("the mother", a gruff and sharptongued Lad-ette), and Caroline Quentin ("the seductress", responsible for some of the filthiest jokes on the show).
    • In the US run, there's Kathy Greenwood ("the child", also appeared the most), Denny Seigel ("the wife", able to be as gruff and loud as the men), and Karen Maruyama ("the seductress", known for her Me Love You Long Time and Mrs. Robinson acts).


Crone and Maiden aren't Three Face Of Eve — they're Hecate Sisters, and that's a different trope. Maiden is different from Child; and Crone and Seductress are also different.

  • The Twelve Kingdoms: Shoukei is a mix of Crone and Maiden (was utterly spoiled and sheltered as a young girl, then is subjected to a huge Break the Haughty), Youko Nakajima/Sekishi/Yoshi used to be Maiden/Child but is now Wife/Mother with small touches of Crone (goes from an Ordinary Highschool Student to the Queen of Kei), and Suzu is a full-on Maiden/Child (worked as a maid, then started travelling).
  • Fruits Basket:
    • Also Tohru Honda and her friends: Tohru herself is The Child (with touches of Mother), Hana is The Mother, Uo is the Crone
  • The three more developed female nations in Axis Powers Hetalia: Hungary is the Mother, Belgium is the Crone, Liechtenstein is the maiden.
  • Marmalade Boy gives us the three main girls: Miki Koishikawa (Maiden), Meiko Akizuki (Mother) and Arimi Suzuki (Crone). Other girls can fit in too, specially in the TV series: Anju and Doris are clearly Mothers, while Suzu and Yayoi are Maidens and Jinny is Crone.
  • The Cardcaptor Sakura TV series gives us Sakura Kinomoto (Maiden), Tomoyo Daidouji (Mother) and Li Meiling (Crone).
    • And Sakura's school friends, both in manga and anime: Naoko Yanagisawa (Maiden), Rika Sasaki (Mother) and Chiharu Mihara (Crone).
  • Because of consistent cast changes, Puella Magi Madoka Magica has quite a few sets of these:
    • Originally we had Madoka Kaname as the Maiden (naive, child-like, cute), Sayaka Miki as the Crone (more in the sense of being a Plucky Girl than real seduction, and she also had some Mother touches due to being very devoted to Madoka and Kamijou) and Mami Tomoe (a Lady of War, the most experimented in Magical Girldom, very serene) as the Mother. And then Mami got killed off.
    • Later, Madoka remains as the Maiden, with the brash and Hot-Blooded Kyouko Sakura as the Crone, and Homura Akemi becoming a rather aloof (in looks) Mother. Sayaka was a mix of Maiden and Crone, but after turning into a Witch, she completely became Crone. And then, Kyouko showed Mother traits and pulled a Taking You with Me for Sayaka.
    • In school: Madoka still was Maiden, with Sayaka as the "Crone" and the local Yamato Nadeshiko Hitomi Shizuki as the Mother. Though Hitomi showed some Crone touches when she decided to speak to her and Sayaka's common crush Kamijou, and Sayaka... well...
    • And episode 10 gave us another one: In the original timeline, Homura actually was the Maiden, since she used to be a Cute Clumsy Meganekko. A more self-assured Madoka who has become a Magical Girl is now the Mother, and a Mami quite similar to the one we met before is the Crone.
  • Shamanic Princess: Tiara is the Crone, Sara is the Maiden, Lena is the Mother. Or are they?
  • Umineko no Naku Koro ni has the three Ushiromiya aunts: Natsuhi (responsible, proper, serious Mother), Eva (young-looking, Rich Bitch Crone) and Rosa (troubled, emotional, sometimes violent Child). Yep, they're technically all moms, but personality-wise they fit the trope. And are more complex than they seem.
  • Sandman:
    • Let's not forget the Three, who've manifested as the Fates and the Kindly Ones, always taking the form of the maiden-mother-crone triad. The Three itself/herself/themselves state that Eve "is in herself an aspect of us [the Three]".
  • The three Fates also pop up again in American Gods.


This is an Always Female trope. If one or more of them is male it isn't this trope.

  • Tenshi Ni Narumon might be a little unusual example but by the end of the series we a have our Power Trio consisting of Noelle, Silky and Mikael and although Mikael is a male, it still somewhat fits. Noelle represents the Child (totally pure and innocent with a brain of 3-year old), Silky is the Crone (she's the most powerful of the trio and acts on her own with shades of the Maiden) and Mikael is the Mother (mostly because of his slightly twisted caring attitude towards both Noelle and Silky, although he has some shades of the Seductress)
    • Mikael, although male, himself has all the three sides - yes, you heard me right, the three faces of Eve, and not of Adam: in the first season and most of the time when he's around Noelle, he's the Mother - acting with a caring and gentle kindness towards her. In the second season - mostly when around Raphael - he's the Child: stubborn, insecure and needy. And in the last episodes, he's the Seductress/Crone - evil and insane, using his powers to try and make Noelle and Silky (and himself) angels
  • Brad, Randy, and Mark. Think about it.
  • Two and a Half Men is an interesting male version, with Charlie, a big ladies' man and often a Deadpan Snarker; his brother Alan, a geeky, awkward guy who just got out out his divorce: and Jake, Alan's son from his former marriage. Consider, except for gender, it is more accurate then most of the examples on this page.


01:28:08 AM Dec 21st 2012
I like the editing you've done. If this is 100% female then the second anime example needs to go (In Saiyuki, personality-wise, Goku is the child, Hakkai is the wife and Gojyo is the seductress, even though all three are male.) I'd delete it myself but this page is especially prone to edit warring a mod can make sure an edit sticks.
03:55:06 AM Apr 9th 2010
If you can't actually pin characters into the archetypes then you probably don't actually fit the trope, at best having a different Power Trio arrangement. Yes, that's right, your three characters don't have to fit every trio trope. Bear in mind in fact that The Hecate Sisters is the slightly less precise trope with a more basic resonance.
02:24:12 PM Mar 7th 2011
That is a good summary of why this page is arguably the most worthless trope on this site. Whenever possible, people try to twist characters just so they can add it. We might as well rename this trope: "Shows with three female characters".
09:59:02 PM Apr 15th 2011
Not all the time. The point is to have a setup with three female characters, and one of them can be anything from a ditzy darling to just being the most immature, the second can be something like The Kirk (not necessarily the Team Mom) who rounds out the three, and a third who could presumably be anything from a Good Bad Girl to maybe just a passionate Tsundere.

I think I made a set of characters who were like this, actually; all three were DoubleSubversions of tropes related to their respective hair colors and fit this trope in a really weird way. The Child was basically an adorable TV Genius, The Mother was a Brilliant, but Lazy Deadpan Snarker who was also like the Cool Big Sis in the group, and The Seductress was a slightly fight-happy Covert Pervert.
05:45:43 AM Jul 16th 2012
Really both this and The Hecate Sisters are very unlike how any Pre-Christian Feminine Trios went.
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