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06:39:50 PM Sep 3rd 2012
Regarding the Edit War going on over Xanatos Gambit. Yes, I am well aware that there has become an almost insane aversion to this on TV Tropes, where anyone and everyone wants to get rid of it or most references to it, either because they believe the trope is being misused or as part of the general trend to avoid tropes which are named after specific works/characters. But I was quite careful to specify, in describing the plan in question, that it was an "every outcome benefits the villain" plan, which by definition makes it a Xanatos Gambit. From my understanding of the trope, the fact the plan could be undone, or that the villain had to play Xanatos Speed Chess to keep it on track, doesn't make it a Batman Gambit or a generic Evil Plan. What makes it the trope is where every outcome of the plan (aside from a complete failure, obviously) benefits the villain. And that was the case here. So...could you explain, Chaotic Novelist, why you keep changing it when I have repeatedly explained how it fits the trope?
01:24:34 AM Sep 4th 2012
He's doing a lot of cleanup related to this trope, but seems to err too much on the side of removing. (One of) His edit reason here is that a villain plan is Evil Plan, but a Xanatos Gambit can be done by heroes, villains, or anyone in between. This is a valid example.
07:45:43 AM Jan 2nd 2011
Where can you find the fanfic "reality"?
07:55:57 AM Jan 2nd 2011
never mind, found it.
07:47:45 PM Oct 1st 2010
Somebody want to actually add some examples for Idiot Ball, or do I have to nuke it?
11:53:27 AM Jul 14th 2011
Looks like no one did, nuked.