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08:01:59 AM Jun 2nd 2015
There's a form of this I can't find anywhere' and it's been the theme of entire stories.

The analysis of the fact (scientifically proven) that intelligence and emotion are inversely proportionate. Spock is smart because of his lack of emotion, and unfailingly in literature when something happens to cause a charactre to attain godlike intellect, they lose the ability to feel and relate to anyone else, thus losing the knowledge of right and wrong.
09:27:10 AM Jun 2nd 2015
Might want to put it in Analysis.The Stoic.
05:44:04 PM Jul 27th 2013
Is anybody going to address or at least lampshade the double standard and sexism behind Male characters being able to be 'stoic', but females apparently need a side trope or need to be classified as an 'Emotionless Girl' if they fit the same standards? That's some heavy unfortunate implications there, especially considering the standard that women are expected to be subservient and submissive, passive enough not to complain and endure any sufferings, but at the same time are stereotyped as the 'emotional' gender who prone to panic and think emotionally. I don't know it just comes off as a very blunt and rather offensive double standard that should atleast be addressed in the trope article.
08:49:17 PM Sep 15th 2013
Yeah...I was wondering what exactly the differences are between female stoics and emotionless girls. 'Emotionless Girl' honestly just seems to be the place where people automatically put women who are stoic.
11:17:51 AM Jul 7th 2011
Mind renaming this into something else? Maybe Stonefaced Stoic?
01:50:13 PM Apr 11th 2011
You gotta be kidding. In the Real Life division, an historic character named "Dado" Elazar. Whoever got that, I'm almost certain he got it wrong. It is the spanish for "Dice" Randomness.
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