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01:28:07 PM Oct 26th 2014
Even though this is a preexisting term, it may be unclear to newcomers, who might mistake it as any kind of nasty reveal because just from the literal meaning, it's unclear that a "stinger" is supposed to be a post-credits scene.
01:45:44 PM Oct 26th 2014
That is an established term, so it won't get renamed - nevermind 3200+ wicks and 2200+ inbounds.
04:41:11 PM Jul 24th 2014
Since this is an Ending Trope, shouldn't there be a disclaimer for unmarked spoilers?
02:00:46 AM Jul 25th 2014
Nah, because stingers aren't usually spoilers.
07:13:32 AM Aug 3rd 2013
Mot to mention the infamous GTA III ending cutscene. While the credits roll, we hear the news report of the massacre, and after the credits roll, we see maria and Claude walking away from the scene, with Maria talking non-stop about how incredible and awesome it was. But, as the screen goes black, we still hear Maria talking , this time complaining about her looks being foiled by the kidnapping, and we hear a gunshot after which Maria stops. the developers, Rockstar Games, never revealed wether maria was killed, wounded or just scared by the gunshot, or wether it was she who was shot.... or Claude (which wouldn't come as much of a suprise, the game started with Claude getting shot by his girlfriend Catalina, and it ended with him killing Catalina while saving his current girlfriend, Maria.
07:17:15 AM Aug 3rd 2013
Heck, the entire GTA series is riddled with these stingers. GTA Vice City and GTA III themselves are stingers to GTA VCS and LCS. In VCS, the protagonist, Victor Vance, walks victorious from a building filled with his enemies' bodies. At the start of Vice City, set 2 years later, Victor gets killed in the intro cutscene. Same for LCS and GTA III: In LCS you control Toni Cipriani, in GTA III you get a few missions from Toni.
07:06:44 AM Aug 3rd 2013
Someone add a mention about the video game, Age of Empires 3, where in the scenes shown at the credits , after completing Act III, we see the old man talking to Amelia. The exact quote is "You've brought down the Circle... and in one lifetime too". Considering his Scottish accent, familiar voice and appearance and his not-so-vague remark, quoted above, he's actually Morgan Black,the protagonist of Act I and the grand-grand-grandfather of Amelia. Which practically means the Fountain of Youth WAS real.

04:28:06 AM Jun 15th 2013
Does anyone know what show this entry is supposed to be about?

"* The stingers from are some of its most memorable moments, including the Spanish class rap."
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