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09:00:16 AM Feb 10th 2013
edited by Marowmerowmer
I live in Darien, CT. It's one of the towns upon which this book/movie is based. And let me tell you: IT IS REAL. Mind you, not the gynoids. Those are totally fictional.

But the truth is, there is something very unsettling about my community. I'm working class. Everyone else is "middle-class". They work in accounting. Even if they don't run a giant company like Xerox or Pepperidge Farm, they still own a small business, or work in the higher echelons of a big business.

Everybody's either a New-Age bullshit-believer or a fundamentalist, homophobic Christian who sincerely believes that Harry Potter will send you to hell. You think those people only existed in atheist horror stories? They're real.

My grandmother, who's a rather less "extreme" Christian, invented a term that she used while working at the local psychiatric hospital to describe the most prominent affliction around here: COTUS, or Centre Of The Universe Syndrome.

My great-grandfather, who was very eccentric (favourite food: peanut butter and bacon sandwiches), invented the electrostatic photocopier, and, despite being a drunkard, still loved his friends and family, was one of the most sane and decent people in this entire county. And he was a Canadian immigrant.

Let me say this about why the Republicans really support Israel: My great-grandmother, who apparently has amnesia of her childhood in Canada, watches the 700 Club all the time, supports Israel hugely, and proclaims herself a Christian Zionist, Semitophile, and Judaeo-Christian. She goes so far as to deny the existence of the Palestinian people. Yet, when we invited her to our house, and she helped herself to more than her share of wine, I showed her an Israeli satire video about Hamas.

She immediately launched into a tirade, summed up in a few sentences: "Well, Adolf Hitler didn't do his job right! The Jews were wrecking Germany! He was only trying to defend his people from destruction by the Jew bankers!"

Yes, she said "Jew bankers".

On the spot, I declared that I was glad that her name was different from mine, because I no longer could consider her to be family.

Bear in mind that I was brainwashed heavily by my church to the point where I considered going to school an attempt by Satan himself to drag me to Hell. I "received Jesus into my heart" (read: was initiated into a cult) at age 3. If you think that's okay, then you probably think it's okay to teach children to become suicide bombers, or that Scientology is legitimate. Otherwise, you're applying a double standard based on Christianity being a more "peaceful" religion. I was hit repeatedly in my childhood. Once, my great-grandmother hit me on the head while I was 5 for having a seizure.

My bullshit detectors finally went off when I was 12. I finally said the words that I had known to be truth all along: "Jesus was a liar!"

The community is a brainwashing collective. The statement applies everywhere else as here:

The only one who can save you is yourself.
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