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07:20:59 AM Nov 12th 2014
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"Trope names based on a character (or other reference to a specific work) have fallen out of fashion, because not everyone watches the same shows."

Rename page or no? But I guess we'd have to rename a lot of other pages...
07:42:27 AM Nov 12th 2014
Generally, we do this in the Trope Repair Shop. This name will be tough to rename given the usage it has, however.
10:42:50 AM Jan 29th 2014
06:07:21 AM Jul 22nd 2012
Is there a character archetype who is as logical as The Spock but too selfish to sacrifice himself for a greater good, but not malicious like The Sociopath, even good intentional if he can't profit from harming others and helping doesn't need any sacrifice?
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