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03:36:08 PM Dec 28th 2012
The term has entered general usage to indicate left-handed people

I guess this is in North America but I saw this trope on a work's page and had no idea what it was on about until I clicked through. Certainly, in no part of Britain is the term ever used and saying 'Southpaw' anywhere around won't mean a thing to anyone. I think maybe the British equivalent is cack-handed, which is sometimes used more commonly than actually 'left-handed'. Someone who is cack-handed would be the 'cack-hander' or the 'cacker'. Perhaps one of these could be a redirect for The Southpaw as I can understand why the Yank creators'd like to keep their word, but for British works the term a Brit can understand would be useful; and I'm sure that the meaning of someone being a cack-hander is fairly obvious - far more obvious than saying someone is a Southpaw if nothing else.
03:16:45 PM Nov 28th 2012
edited by CarrieVS
'In fiction left-handedness ... is treated as a slight positive.' Really? It is *sometimes* treated as positive, but not that often and very rarely outside of the specific reason that it gives an advantage in sport or combat. In general it's A Sinister Clue. Is the line specifically about sport/combat? If so it should say so instead of implying it's in general.
04:54:12 PM Oct 18th 2012
TV Tropers meet the left-handed wiki.
10:35:30 AM Jun 12th 2012
edited by ndboy
I Myself, Am A Southpaw.
11:15:58 AM Aug 28th 2012
I switched on purpose, I like it better than being right-handed.
06:42:13 PM Feb 10th 2011
  • In Lucky Star's third volume there are thirteen character profiles scattered thoughout. A grand total of two are not left-handed. Author Appeal much?
This trope should involve left-handedness as a defining character characteristic, not merely being lefthanded. Accumulation of examples like that is a major source of Trope Decay.
07:45:41 PM Oct 17th 2012
We have Trope Decay right now. Because "southpaw" is a general term for any left-handed person, tropers are adding examples of any left-handed person, whether or not the left-handedness has any importance in the story.

Trope Repair Shop has discussion of "Everyone Is Right Handed". The fate of Everyone Is Right Handed might affect The Southpaw.
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