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11:13:51 AM Apr 30th 2015
Pulled this:
  • Moist von Lipwig mentions a con he used to run based on fake diamond rings. He would show the ring to a stranger in a tavern in some no-name town in the wilderness, pretending that he desperately needed money to make it to his mother's funeral or some other suitably dramatic purpose, and offer to sell it for a fraction of its real value, say $20. To convince the mark, they'd nip down to the village blacksmith who would confirm that yessir, it was a genuine diamond and real gold, easily worth $100, because Moist had paid him off ahead of time. Once the mark had handed over the cash and Moist vanished, the blacksmith would re-examine it and declare it a worthless fake.

Moist's con involves a real ring, a fake ring and a quick swap while the mark's getting his wallet out. Discworld blacksmiths are generally very honest and not averse to using their blacksmith tools to express their views of those who aren't, so trying to rope one in would be a lot riskier.
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