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10:40:50 AM Aug 5th 2014
The Undefeated was a better name for this page.
10:54:39 AM Aug 5th 2014
That kinda sounds like the exact opposite... The Undefeated sounds like the winner of the war.
10:56:06 AM Aug 5th 2014
The Undefeated sounds like a trope for people who are never defeated. Very much not what this trope is about.
05:56:16 PM Aug 7th 2014
But it also sounds like what a group like this would refer to themselves as, especially those that don't know the war is supposedly "over". And if the "winners" can't get rid of a "remnant", is it really right to call it a remnant?
06:10:20 AM Aug 8th 2014
... yes? That's what makes it a remnant... the fact it remains.

And the thing is, maybe they'd refer to themselves as "undefeated" but you know who else would (and has a much better claim to it)? The guys who won the war.
08:19:45 AM Aug 8th 2014
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So... was Free France during WW2 The Undefeated? Think not. That's why they are called The Remnant. It's a much more suitable name.
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