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09:49:07 AM Feb 20th 2016
edited by DarkastKiller
This page is rather inaccurate as the red mage was literally a Jack-of-All-Stats including physical, even if he can learn both spell types you're not a red mage until you can use a blade as well, and the class is like this in every game, average everything letting them cover many roles, not just a mage. Someone who can only learn both magics isn't a red mage they always have specialization in one of them and they are only lackluster in the other. In fact even Bravely Defaults Red mage has B ratings with most weapons and can make for a decent fighter as well as a mage.
04:11:32 PM Dec 5th 2011
Shouldn't Mutually Exclusive Magic be in effect as a prerequisite for The Red Mage to exist? in any setting where magics are not mutually exclusive, it is only a specialization issue, leading to the Master of None trope and related tropes
07:41:45 PM Mar 6th 2011
Uh, what is this trope again?
09:28:20 AM Sep 11th 2011
edited by Kink-Link5
I would like some clarification as well. Is this trope to describe a "Magical The Mario" who uses both white and black magic, a Master of None specifically regarding magic use, or a character who is given Jack-of-All-Trades who turns out to be a newbie bait Crutch Character?
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