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12:14:49 PM May 24th 2012
I am seeing a lot of traitors in the list that I don't think really qualify as Quislings. Wormtongue didn't rule as a puppet of a conqueror, but was a spy and agent instead. There are several others in there, like Benedict Arnold. Unless I am missing an aspect of the definition that includes regular treasonous behaviour.
10:58:50 PM Dec 11th 2011
What is the difference between The Quisling and Les Collaborateurs?
06:19:23 PM Jan 21st 2012
The Quisling is one dude who serves narratively as a figurehead of the rebellion, Les Collaborateurs are a whole bunch of people. So not much.
03:17:18 AM Jun 18th 2011
  • One could argue the Liberation Theology movement was a group of people doing this for the Communists.
    • Or not.
      • They were that or Well Intentioned Extremists. Either way, the Liberation Theology movement's willingness to work with despotic regimes cost many people their lives.
      • Ironic considering that many well known Liberation Theologists were inspired to stand up for the poor and opressed of the despotic regimes like Salvador, Chile, Colombia, and many others. Some, like Oscar Romero, lost their lives on the hands of dictators
        • They also tended to stick up for the Communists, who, if anything, tended to be even worse.
          • Above is the example of did not do research - The Liberation Theology is not a Communist movement. It is Christian theology that incorporates Marxist theory of Class struggle into the whole deal. Besides, the communism movement grew from a Christian Communism / Primitivism club, not the other way round.
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