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04:09:56 PM Nov 26th 2016
edited by Ghostkaiba297
"It's inherently funny"

Can someone please explain to me the line between where it's funny and where it's sexual? I've seen it played both ways, with both males and females on both counts. (Talking about the first paragraph of the page here, not the trope) I started wondering after some scenes in My Little Pony

(I am at least clear that the "Pratfall" itself is always played for comedy if anything at all, though I don't really find all that funny)
09:34:16 PM Nov 26th 2016
I don't think there is a line. It can easily be both—and frequently is. But if you want a broader discussion of the topic, you're probably better off on the Trope Talk forum. Not many people are likely to see this. (I have it on my watchlist because I launched the trope.)
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