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06:43:49 AM May 22nd 2016
I would kindly recommend to erase any political references/points in IRL section if not the section completely.
06:08:55 PM Apr 6th 2013
Can we really say that Palpatine is an example of The Power of Hate? Palpatine doesn't seem to feel genuine hate, only a huge amount of smug dismissal of everything but him(though Vader is definitely an example)
06:17:23 PM Apr 23rd 2013
Palpatine is an extremely powerful Dark Lord of the Sith. By definition, he holds all life that isn't him in utter contempt and explicitly uses hatred (among other negative emotions) to fuel his powers- his trademark Force Lightning can be described as literally hating someone to death. He very much belongs here.
07:54:05 PM Feb 12th 2013
Er, that bit at the end of the Real Life section (However true it may be) is a bit iffy, isn't it?
01:54:19 AM Feb 13th 2013
I don't see it as a problem, but I do get what you mean. We could remove the potholes so that specific works/creators are not mentioned.
09:09:07 PM Jan 12th 2011
should add Lord Sion lord of pain who could use his hatred to keep him alive
09:54:01 AM Feb 22nd 2011
how do you add photos? am the creator and wanted to add one but dunno how >.<
02:11:30 PM Jul 28th 2011
I can't believe nobody mentioned BONECRUSHER. Bonecrusher hates that he was forgotten.
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