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07:12:39 PM Nov 5th 2013
This page as I found it has one trope list devoted to the novel and a second trope list devoted to just about everything else, but mostly the musical and the film adaptation of the musical. I thought it would be useful to re-organize this list, separating out bits that are unique to each version (leaving the musical and the movie of the musical together).
02:02:51 AM Jul 21st 2013
This (well, the ALW musical at least) is an interesting work with regards to The Bechdel Test. You don't get two women talking about anything other than a man, but you also don't really get two men talking about anything other than a woman, as far as I can remember. "We Have All Been Blind" might qualify except there are women in the conversation as well as men.
12:53:21 PM Mar 30th 2013
Why does the description of the Lon Chaney movie in the intro section say that it was faithful to the novel except for "some minor quips"? A quip is a sarcastic or jesting statement; the text seems to be referring to changes or deviations. I don't want to change it myself, though, because I'm not sure what word the writer had in mind (or what he or she thought "quip" meant).
06:17:09 AM Jan 13th 2013
This page has a small, commented-out note at the very bottom of the page saying "Do not add anything else". Why is this and what else is there that is not to be added? The history doesn't go back far enough to show when the note was put in.
02:56:46 PM Oct 26th 2013
I just saw that. No idea. I'm taking it out.
04:59:44 AM Dec 16th 2012
Under YMMV, Special Effects Failure is listed quoting " The opera house explosion at the end of the Joel Schumacher film immediately brings to mind a late-1990s Playstation FMV cutscene." The problem Ive run into is that there is no explosion at the end of Schumachers movie and the movie had enough legit flaws without making up new ones. Is this actually referring to the chandelier crash ? I'm new as a contributor to the wiki and hesitate at just editing or adding to the page

12:52:32 PM Sep 13th 2013
What they're refering to is after the chandelier crashed, the Opera house burst into flames, and there was a shot of all the windows shattering one by one as fire came out of them.
05:43:25 AM Mar 21st 2012
Is Erik's raising/teaching Christine a Pygmalion Plot or a Wife Husbandry?
11:05:18 AM Nov 25th 2011
I would like to discuss if Christine is really an example of Living Mc Guffin. Any other woman would Go Mad from the Revelation or be Driven to Suicide before marrying Erik. Christine decision to be with him if he spares Raoul is what lets Erik change his plan to Kill Them All to let Christine and Raoul go.
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