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11:46:37 AM Jun 13th 2014
Should we do a trope page for the Yo Videogames channel?
11:18:26 AM Jun 1st 2012
Should we really have all the Assist Me stuff here when we already have a page for it? I think we should keep them separate.
10:49:27 AM Jul 14th 2012
I think if an ything, yes, mvoe anything related to (and only to) Assist Me, over to that page, and have a side-link on TOW page that goes to Assist Me. Soem of the tings I've been reading on here were posted identically to that in the other page, which I think has no point to it.
11:57:08 AM Jun 28th 2014
I have made a Yo Videogames! page. Should we do the same for anything related to it on this page?
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