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05:34:44 PM Jun 2nd 2014
This was edited out a long time ago: "The Presence (Yahweh or Elaine Belloc) of DC/Vertigo." I don't know comics, but is Elaine an example of this trope? Doubtless, she becomes powerful, but does she become Omnipotent?
05:53:11 PM Jun 2nd 2014
From what I've read about her, I think yes. Not that it matters if she's an Absolute Omnipotent, since she easily qualifies for the other subtypes if she doesn't. Along with several other characters in the series she comes from, for that matter.
10:06:50 AM Nov 18th 2013
Discussion from the Super Weight page, can anyone provide the source that sets Superman Prime as above all others in power, only below the Presence?
01:16:36 PM Nov 18th 2013
01:32:40 PM Nov 18th 2013
What's a type 6?
01:35:37 PM Nov 18th 2013
edited by
Super Weight. Meant tier 6.
02:47:29 PM Nov 18th 2013
Right. I don't see him earning the title 'Omnipotent,' however, for the same reasons as posited in the Super Weight discussion thread though: a source where it's outright stated SMP is Omnipotent has yet to be provided. Hence, I think it'd be better that segment here be removed until/unless said source can be provided.
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