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05:13:03 AM Jan 1st 2013
Douse anyone think the New Russia will fall in a decade or two?
09:14:24 AM Feb 28th 2013
Wow! Um, I do not want to cause an argument but this article seems very one sided. I mean I think it just deserves a bit of a balanced analysis, This article seems to kinda go 'Russia crap and still crap'. I also do not get why it can just be said that the country has a rubber stamping parliament or a laughing stock army? I know this site isn't about in depth or accurate analysis of the real world but I think it is a little cliche and unfair to be as biased as this article is.
09:34:25 AM Feb 28th 2013
Feel free to rewrite it, though you might want to ask for feedback in one of the forums first.
06:38:57 PM Mar 12th 2013
Guys, this isn't an article about reality. It is a setting trope about how post-Soviet Russia is portrayed in fiction.
01:48:06 PM Oct 17th 2014
@Calbert: Oh, yes it is. It's supposed to be in the Useful Notes namespace!
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