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11:31:30 AM Jun 10th 2012
edited by ratbagbat
"Unfortunate Implications for transsexuals who believe they're born into the wrong body- that's scientifically impossible, the body you're born with is not only the right one, but the only one."

You realise this is all kinds of wrong, right? The mind and body being one thing does not mean that "your body is always the right body". There are numerous parts of the brain dedicated to monitoring whether the body is "right", for one thing. When these get confused, shit happens (see Ghost Limbs, Body Dysmorphia, etc). This does not invalidate the feelings of trans people. There's also the oft-lauded study showing that trans-women's brains are most similar to women's brains, but there's all sorts of problems if we're going to get into biological-determination-of-trans-status, which generally makes it not worthwhile (see below).

The "born in the wrong body" line is often used as a shorthand, lies-to-children version of a longer, more complex discussion on gender and body dysmorphia. I direct you to Google if you want to find out more about this. TV Tropes is not your soapbox for airing personal grievances against minority groups, especially under the false premise that scientific consensus agrees with you.
01:47:55 PM Jun 10th 2012
I fully agree with you. Even if I disagreed, that part would have to go for being soapboxing.
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