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05:49:24 AM Oct 14th 2012
There's a hellovalot more races in Bradford. Take nearby Calder's weather and you've got the most democratically Northern place in th'ole of England.

While we're at it, Yanks, 'Ye' means 'you', 'Olde' means 'almost modern' and 'Shoppe' means 'shops', so you guys keep saying 'You almost modern shops'. Which, personally, I find rather funny. 'Thither' also means 'there', 'whither' and 'hither' meaning 'where' and 'here' respectively. This is the brilliant North, by the way.

But, yes, out road signs and pubs(up North) read stuff like, and I quote what's across the road and within a short walk of 'ere, 'top o'th'close road' and 'bird i'th'han' (though if you don't drop the 'h' there's something wrong, also we can enunciate if we want but even an RP accent - not mentioning the exaggerated one American media portrays - is near impossible for us Yorkists, Yorkist= someone from Yorkshire).
01:40:11 PM Jul 26th 2012
Could we change the description of Nottingham from "the Brooklyn of England" to something a bit less offensive? Seriously guys, I live in a deprived area of Nottingham (though, for the record, I'm middle class) but I've never once been attacked or some such. Come on, there are worse places. Like Manchester, for instance. Ta, Mangoyle
05:46:07 AM Oct 14th 2012
That was probably written by some Yank who saw that modern Robin Hood film and didn't realise it was meant to be a modern Robin Hood.
07:00:15 AM Apr 12th 2012
I removed the comment about the Midlands containing only two Universities. Unless there's something I missed, this seems wildly inaccurate. There's the University of Birmingham, Aston, UWE, Northampton, Nottingham, Nottingham Trent, Leicester, Oxford, De Montfort - just to name a few.