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01:06:56 PM Jan 21st 2014
Not entirely sure if this counts, but in the Harry Potter novels, the Ministry of Magic has a squad of wizards trained to use Laser-Guided Amnesia spells on muggles who get glimpses of the wizarding world—the Obliviators. No mention of whether they wear black suits or not, but the idea is similar to the MIB of urban legend. "You never saw this; we were never here."
01:10:54 PM Jan 21st 2014
Seems like a Played With example.
03:22:37 PM Nov 6th 2013
Whenever MIB agents identify themselves to normal humans, they say "some agency, division 6." Might they ever masquerade as British secret agents? Britain's external agency is already called MI division 6 (i.e. MI-6). Wouldn't it be silly and redundant if they say, MI-6 division 6?
03:44:52 PM Nov 6th 2013
11:49:33 AM Apr 16th 2012
There're a few fan videos on Youtube involving the game City of Heroes of a guild called "The Operatives", which is very MIB like in practice according to the video naratives. Should this be added as a tab to the COH post already made or would a Fan Works folder need to be made?
08:15:50 PM Oct 15th 2010
edited by Camacan
Probably not of the trope: not a MIB style secret agency. Lets stick to actual intances rather than recount all the places people dress up.

  • Deliberately invoked by Anonymous, their picture of the ideal "Anon" has always been a black suited figure with a green hood. Anytime Anonymous appears in public, standard uniform is the black suit and tie paired with a Guy Fawkes mask (apparently the green hoods get pricey).

  • The green hood seems to be used only for Internet portrayals. The Guy Fawkes Mask is for real-life appearances. The green hood is accompanied by text that says, "picture not available".
    • There are also instances of motorcycle helmets being used when nothing else is available.
    • The image of the ideal "Anon" as an empty black suit standing unsupported also sticks in the mind.
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