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05:51:58 PM Nov 24th 2012
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I took this off the main page because of the argument in the comments. Until the entry is fixed so that there aren't 3 separate justifying edits and it won't attract more of those, it's not going back on.

  • The myriad anti-capitalist movies from capitalist America may be an inside joke (albeit one that is surely worn out by now) based on Hypocritical Humor.
    • Or: Filmmakers might see Wall Street Bankers and polluting oil-companies as bad but for-profit cinema as good.
    • Or: Filmmakers really do harbor those anti-bourgeois attitudes, but are grudgingly cooperating with the Establishment because those guys run the show and they need to put food on their tables. Indeed, one of the eternal frustrations about being an artist of any kind on the planet Earth is that you'll always be at the mercy of the meddling influence of some external authority or another, whether that be a totalitarian regime that censors viewpoints it doesn't like, an anarchocollectivist commune that resists innovation or individuality of any kind, or a capitalist system that victimizes artists with the tyranny of consumerism.
    • Or: Filmmakers really do harbor those anti-bourgeois attitudes but are actual hypocrites who also want to live in really fancy houses and wear really fancy clothes and go to really expensive restaurants.
07:15:37 AM Mar 18th 2011
There's this bizarre Xbox game I forgot the name of. Twenty minutes in the future is the setting; it seems to be all about a punk rocking skateboarder who decides enough is enough. The first thirty minutes of gameplay was spray painting police vans and beating the holy hell out of fellow teenagers. Yeah, that's gonna show the man.
03:22:06 PM Mar 7th 2011
It seems like if you've ever heard something, it's from 'the man' because 'the man' is anyone who makes things people actually see, and corporations own everything that exists.. so it'd be pretty difficult to stick it to the man without being the man.
12:34:17 AM Sep 23rd 2010
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